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Letter to Ron Unz (on his site and on Jews as a group)

Originally published at 狗和留美者不得入内. You can comment here or there.

This week I released a Disqus comment search now deployed at It allows you to search comments of a specific user filtering by search terms. I thought that if I have the time and motivation, maybe you could commission me to create something similar for Unz Review. I know you have a search on there, but it neither works terribly well nor is it very visible. There is no easy way to get all comments of a user with say, 3000+ comments, and with my web service, I’ve downloaded all comments of Steve Hsu, Bob Sykes, and Godfree Roberts. Bob Sykes has 4000+ and Godfree has 3000+ iirc. They’re now on my site, much more visible than before.

I know I might go a bit overboard at times in my comments against Jews, obviously not all Jews are like that and you’re quite the polar opposite, there just aren’t enough Ron Unzes of all kinds to offset/counter the negative reputation Jews as a group have accumulated over the past generation or more.

Jews would be fine if for the most part they kept silent politically and just excelled at STEM and the arts. But every too often I see some Jew saying political garbage as in the screenshot below, and I’ve seen it too much that it’s gonna be very hard to change my mind at this point.


I admire the group for its enormous talents, don’t get me wrong. But what they’re doing is not sustainable. They’re not going to survive in the long run like this. See, they’ve even managed to piss off a high IQ, knowledgeable, and politically aware Chinese raised in America, made him completely disillusioned with America, and inspired him to return to his ancestral home country where he is certainly not lacking in connections.

Jews need to learn to compromise at times, for their own good. They are extremely talented and wealthy but they are only like 16 million people. 1 billion+ Muslims already hate them. They’re too entrenched now in using their control of resources in America for their own power and gain, and also too entrenched in America’s bullshit political propaganda as epitomized by the above.

This is to me too obvious, but I guess I should still explain it.

  • “Human rights” is meaninglessly vague and ambiguous. I cannot take seriously anyone who uses those words. Either that person is stupid or that person is malicious.
  • The people and the state are not disjoint. The state is run by people too even in America a country where government sector plays less of a role. In China, basically everyone has someone in extended family who’s worked in a government organization. They are normal people from all walks of life. The US media (controlled by Jews) tries to make it seem as if the Chinese people and the Chinese government are separate, how ridiculous! If the Chinese government is so evil, how did it win the civil war and come to power in the first place? Wouldn’t it need a lot of people with all kinds of backgrounds and skills supporting it to do so?

My conclusion can only be the following. This Jew, like many, wants to persist Jewish economic and political power on this planet. Consequently, they must try to promote and justify through whatever means “moral superiority” of a superpower where they are most influential. That shit he’s saying might fool many Americans but it certainly won’t fool most people in China. It would only breed more disgust with Jews on the part of Chinese.

You gotta know one’s limits. Sometimes you take it too far and end up shooting yourself in the foot, planting your own demise. This is broadly the direction that Jews are headed towards.

Something else to note. The Chinese kids in America are literally destroying them now at 100% objective tests and math and science contests. They are excelling more in STEM research and real world stuff too, though of course, they are negligible compared to the Chinese in China. That makes it even harder for Chinese to take Jews seriously. If they learned to shut up politically for God’s sake, there would probably be much less of negative opinion.

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