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How the “civilized” get ethnically cleansed

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My uber talented, smart, high-achieving Chinese-American friend is super insecure about his dating prospects, which of course relates to his being a Chinese male. On this, I once said to him

If you ever feel insecure about your race, just fantasize about how Genghis Khan’s warriors raped those Russian women!

Those barbaric Mongol nomads actually conquered Russia and Ukraine before they fully conquered the Han Chinese in 1279. Yes, they did fully conquer Han Chinese civilization militarily and for this, there is the saying 崖山之后无华夏.

There are traditional, Confucian Chinese who will bitch and bitch about Mongols ruined Chinese civilization. Well too bad. There was apparently a policy of 重文轻武 in the Song Dynasty, which means “emphasis literary and neglect military.”

It’s not just Mongols vs Arabs or Mongols vs Song. There’s also Greeks vs Romans. Also Manchus vs Ming. Even today, we are seeing somewhat of an ethnic cleansing of whites by Muslims, Hispanics, and blacks in their homelands. At the high echelons of American society, Jews have pretty much already won, and the Indians too are taking over American companies, especially in tech, with their dirty nepotistic group tactics. Nobody can stop them, at least for now. Whites cannot really stop them. Too much white guilt and actively trying not to be racist. The Chinese in America in this respect are even worse. They tend to be Confucian style conformist harmonious cucks, passively accepting American behavioral norms. There are plenty of Chinese in China with the aggressive nationalistic I don’t give a fuck attitude, but they tend to not end up in America, unless rich and buying real estate. 😉

Duke of Qin on Unz Review has written:

“Civilized” people get ethnically cleansed. I want the Chinese to be proud Chinese, not ersatz yellow Canadians. You know what happens to the considerate Chinaman? Other people walk all over him and take advantage of them at every turn and they are too meek to say a word otherwise. It’s a recipe for racial extinction. Submission to the behavioral norms of globo-homo-Amero culture one place means submission in other places too. Better by far for the Chinese to retain the blithe “fuck you” attitude and force others to accommodate themselves to our behavior than the inverse. Works for the Arabs and Israelies, the Chinese should copy them.

As for myself, I’m a nerd, trained in pure math, with pretty refined tastes, but I also respect much those with the practical survival fighting character, and I sincerely believe Chinese need more of those types. I also didn’t cuck out to idiotic American liberalism despite having been here since grade school, and I do have some contempt for those who did, which is sadly most, as well as their parents. The worst Chinese in my eyes tend to be those with the stereotypically Confucian, exceedingly closed-minded grades and prestigious schools and degrees above all else attitude. When transplanted to America, the result is more often than not pitiful. It’s fair to say that those were the types of intellectuals the Chinese communists wanted to reeducate and eliminate at all costs. Whenever I see a Chinese like that, I feel embarrassed myself to have to be associated with her by virtue of race.

I’ll conclude with another quote of Duke of Qin.

There is some quirk of human psychology, “squeaky wheel getting the grease” that seems to empower being the biggest ass hole around. It maybe that people just associate it with alpha like behavior. Just look at the poor behavior of blacks everywhere, yet everyone else is on tip toes around them. Or look at how obnoxious Jews are, yet the people who they screw the hardest are first to lick their feet. Hell look at Trump. He defies all social convention of his class, yet his followers have formed a cult of personality around him. Yes people do talk about such people behind their backs, but in public their power is absolute because of their willingness to break established norms.

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