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Apparently China just blocked Quora

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I wonder why. Quora is all in English. Hardly subversive. Well, I guess it still sends a political message.

China really is seceding from the world. Soon it might start targeting relatives of Chinese liberals abroad too. Reign in on political undesirables of Chinese descent all over the world. 看来他们还稍微征服了我,发现自己态度也越来越从融入,与对外搞好关系,到为将美国虚伪的自由主义世界体系土崩瓦解做贡献牢牢载入史册,创造人类新纪元。

其实我觉得Quora不是什么好东西。质量早已被不可数的印度害人虫严重污染,据Alexa,Quora在印度比美国流行的多,而且最近得知一位华裔理论物理学家,在上面问了问题,就是Why do Jews control so much of the media in the US? 结果呢?标题被改了!Those dastard administrators changed it to “Why do some people believe that Jews control the US media?”

I guess in some sense, you could say that the Chinese government is quite far-sighted. They recognize the enormous advantage of ethnic, cultural, and ideological homogeneity. They’ve already had to deal with Hong Kong and Taiwan, social attitudes a product of colonization. They know that liberal Chinese are mostly a pain in the neck, potential tools of unwanted cultural and ideological penetration. They know that China’s huge potential can be deeply limited if she accepts and fully integrates into the existing American liberal world order. It is needless to say that once you accumulate upon a major external dependency, it can be VERY difficult to detach. This was a regime founded on boycotting games, at first military ones, where the enemy has the obvious advantage and instead playing one’s own game on opponent’s weaknesses. You can’t really win when somebody else can freely manipulate the rules to one’s favor.

This regime understands the value of flexibility. They recognize the danger of going on irreversible tracks. They recognize the problems which inevitably arise from entrenched interest groups in deep contradiction with each other. They recognize the advantage of a powerful central force for the interest of the collective group, impossible in a liberal democratic capitalist society. The recognize the essentialness of unity and concentration of power. A group whose constituents are spread thin can be easily eaten up one by one. Much better to have firm, concentrated control over a few places than loose control of many.

On observing an ethnic potpourri within a mono culture directed by a minority ruling class culturally distinct, it is recognized that such a system can run only to the extent that they can fool more people into serving it through wealth, through the ideals of “freedom and democracy,” whatever those words mean. Once sufficiently embedded, they can further spread the gospel to those in their ancestral homeland, enticing more people into this system. They can potentially entice entire countries into the system too, through influence of their elites, their regimes.

So why feed more into it, when it can only hurt you in the long run? Why not keep those who go on a partial leash, just in case? Why not set a better example for the preservation of genuine ethnic and cultural diversity on this planet?

The colonizer conquers, the colonizer gains. Land annexed and slave labor reaped. Till the point when one inextricably ties oneself to the conquered. With language, they seep into one’s culture, one’s homeland too. Once too many and too quick to multiply, you find yourself surrounded, outnumbered by, and mixed with those once conquered, irreversible. By culture, you pretend they’re like you, but they are also not like you, they can never be like you. Yet they’re on your land, you must accommodate them. And in doing so, your face is changed forever.

If you remain pure as the other adulterates, why not preserve your purity? Not only for yourself. For civilization, if it to continue on this planet.

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