Sheng Li (gmachine1729) wrote,
Sheng Li

My Huawei phone arrived

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Sunday out to meet an old friend at a restaurant in Beijing while navigating my iPhone suddenly died in the cold and couldn’t turn on for a while. After about five minutes it finally went on but at 10% battery when before it was at 70%.

So I thought time to order a Chinese phone instead. Sunday night I did so online on JD 京东 and today at noon it was delivered. I spent only 1000 RMB (less than $200) on it. Let’s see how long it lasts being so much cheaper. I ordered a cheap one after my physics professor friend in China told me he never goes beyond 1000 RMB when ordering his Huawei phones. There were Huawei ones that are like 4000 RMB iirc.

For those of you still stuck in America who can’t return in the near future who want to support China in this trade war you can start by using Xiaomi for phone and boycotting Google and Facebook. Americans go out of their way to devalue Chinese companies and there is every reason for Chinese to do the same to America in return.

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