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vKontakte (вКонтакте) and a return to Russian

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Sunday while taking a break I decided to see what’s up on Unz Review. Most memorable was by Israel Shamir. Ultimately, that inspired me to make a list of alternatives to media sites and internet services controlled by Israel/Jews/Zionists/Hasbara. vKontakte, which means “in contact,” was on that list. And so, with some free time, I made an account for myself and chatted on there with a Russian tenured professor in the US with similar views. I haven’t touched Russian (the language) for a while, but vKontakte sort of brought me back to that. Just like one can’t avoid the ads within one’s Facebook messenger contact list, one can’t avoid Russian content on vKontakte. I saw plenty of posts in Russian with comments in Russian. So yet another distraction. It’s quite unlikely that I’ll ever use the language very directly, especially in a way that helps my career. The main benefit of knowing it is to access some content. The better I am at reading it the easier it will be for me to learn about that other really rich and powerful cultural world. I remember long long ago somebody told me that Russian is useless, because Russia’s economy sucks, and they’re really only good at aerospace, but they’re not going give you their state of the art aerospace technology anyway. To be fair, the content both in science and engineering and in politics and the arts in Russian is quite substantial. It almost rivals or even rivals or even exceeds the English language world. I am already quite a fan of their music after all, which was what led into the language in the first place. And it’s some actually high culture, not the spiritually poisoning garbage in the English mediaI’m not sure where vKontakte will lead me. Maybe I will find it more or less useless. Maybe, more positively, I’ll actually meet some more interesting people on there, and in addition to that enjoy some more authentic content in Russian.

More generally, it feels quite the peace of mind to be far away from the suffocating and mind-killing cultural and political environment that is America, that is the English language mainstream media, that is a manipulation by a group that is a political cancer of the planet. I only want to dissociate further from it. I encourage more dissatisfied people to do what one can to get away, or at least explore outside it a bit, much more effectual than simply moaning on those very channels/media.

Readers of this blog are now welcome to add me on vKontakte:

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