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Follow-up on the chosen people

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Readers of my blog might recall my post titled The Chosen People. I’ve had the privilege to have had some fruitful and stimulating discussions with a friend of mine who was raised Christian on this matter. Such reminds me of Bobby Fischer, and I had just found my way to this, which has a transcript of some of Fischer’s antisemitic remarks. I was also reminded of sayings of a CCTV reporter along the same lines. When I was a child, I enjoyed watching the kids show Arthur. Particularly memorable was this rich girl Muffy Crosswire. I remember particularly vividly this clip, where when that girl’s psychopath auto CEO daddy turned on the speaker that exposed the dealings within the “strategy room,” it was like: so what if the engine falls out, once they’re off the lot, it’s their problem! Hmm, maybe that’s why American cars couldn’t compete with Japanese ones, because there were such people in executive management at Ford and General Motors? Also, there was the special Christmas episode of Authur, from which I learned that Muffy is the Gentile while her bestie Francine, the poor daughter of garbage man, is the Jew. Given how so a high percentage of the Russian oligarch robber barons are Jewish as are so many of the financiers and media moguls in America, aren’t the roles a bit reversed? Now, given that, would Marc Brown have had difficulties in his career had the portrayal been more in phase with the statistical reality? On this group that is the subject matter of the blog post, I have also heard people say in private things in the likes of: it’s always they win others lose, that’s why nobody likes them. And they’re basically doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to them!

The Jews are a very unique group. They seem to take almost exclusively jobs in the intellectual class. You see very few in the low end menial jobs. Now that is a natural consequence of their high average IQ over 115ish. This naturally breeds resentment. People love to say how now Asians are the new Jews, but keep in mind there most Chinese do menial labor for living, especially in China. Even in the US, many of them work at restaurants and laundromats and such and they are very socially disjoint with the Chinese intellectual class, the ones who work for Microsoft or profess at universities. Also, there are almost no Chinese in positions of power in the US right now. We all know that ruling classes of virtually all cultures are scumbags in one way or another. However, I would say that some are more benign than others. Remember that during the Cultural Revolution in China, children of the communist elite were actually forced to go work in the countryside to get a taste of what the majority of working class people go through on a daily basis, and many of the current leaders of China are in that category. Steve Hsu has pointed out a possible lower prevalence of psychopaths among those of East Asian descent as a partial explanation to the dearth of East Asians in “leadership” positions in America. There is also the (very politically incorrect theory) that the Holocaust wiped out the weaker and nicer portion of the Jewish population that further contributes to the phenomenon here described. Now we all know that people who are too smart for their own good are a root of resentment but those people are quite benign and contribute much to our culture and are responsible for the radical scientific and technological advances which enrich (hopefully) people’s lives. However, there is more cause for hate when you have a group of parasites who do no menial labor and hoard the wealth created by the blood and sweat of working masses for themselves and even feel entitled to do so.

I have not much more to say at this moment on this matter. You, the reader, be the judge.


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