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RT’s Michele Greenstein

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I get usually around 20 views per day on There have been a total of 3,452 views on that this year as of today, 2019/6/5, averaging over 20 views per day. But today, I saw that I’ve gotten 63 already, after not much more than half of it. So it occurred to me to update it. The last time I did was late in April.

2019-06-05 下午9.14.16

I’m doing this by manually searching on YouTube and copy pasting one by one.

2019-06-05 下午9.01.46

In my first go, I found the videos of her the past month kind of sparse. I tweaked the filter and ordering parameters a bit (changing from past year to past month or something like that) and found that a few were actually omitted. Could YouTube be screwing with RT too?

I had read some media report of Eric Schmidt publicly saying that they’re down-ranking RT and Sputnik in their search engine. Interestingly, one of the latest videos of Michele Greenstein on RT was

To be fair, Google is still quite a common way of finding this site/blog. I wonder how long that will last though…

Those of you who’ve viewed that page who are reading this, you’re very welcome to comment! Even better if someone can help me get connected with Michele Greenstein and RT!

Tags: google, цензура/censorship, 俄罗斯/россия

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