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男白人女亚裔出的祸(WMAF fuckups)

Originally published at Когда нас в бой пошлёт товарищ Путин и маршал Шойгу в бой нас поведёт!. You can comment here or there.


WMAF children:

– Daniel Holtzclaw

– Elliott Rodger

– Daniel Henney

– Olivia Munn

– Nathan Adrian

– Eiji Wentz
Justin Nojan Sullivan (Eurasian who attempted to join ISIS)
Matthew DeGrood (Mass killer, 5 victims)
Eric Bloss (Arrested in 2015 for attempted murder of boss)
Connor Sullivan (Ran away from home, missing for 4 days, survived by eating fruit from trees, in 2015)
Amanda Todd (Famous suicide)
Isabella Guzman (Matricide via stabbing 151 times)
Kelly Baltazar (Rich girl turned degradation-pornstar)
Jimmi Inthep Hansson (Swedish animal killer of 9 cats; translation needed)
Daniel Holtzclaw (Cop turned mass rapist)
Belle Knox (Half Indian, Half White) pornstar / Duke student
Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia mattress girl whose claim was later found to be false)
David Renz (Stabbed mother to death in 2013, attempted to rape 10 year old daughter)
Elliot Turner, murder of his girlfriend, half Indonesian, half British
John Everette Perry, sexually assaulting young men, 2013
Alex Kenji Gaborek, Transient Suspect, Accomplices Arrested for Breaking Into Mother’s Elk Grove Residence
Bryan Springer. White Father, Thai Mother. Murder/Suicide involving his girlfriend. 2015. source
Aaron Ybarra, White-Hispanic father, Asian mother, school shooting in Seattle, 2014
Julian Edgren, Former Princeton student and prodigy sentenced to 5 years for selling drugs, White Father, Chinese Mother
Alysa Suguro Bathrick, “Cute mugshot girl”
66 year old white politican and his 25 year old WMAF hapa boyfriend arrested and faced charges for sex crimes with a minor, July, 2015
The 2016 List alone.
David Fry. Oregon Militia and ISIS sympathizer, January 13, 2016. White father / Japanese mother.
Thomas Wagoner, ASU student who committed suicide due to racial bullying, January 13, 2016
Jack Luck, Taiwanese television host, suicide. January 22, 2016. White father / Asian mother.
Aage Jorgansen, 16 year old boy who went missing after his father kicked him our of his car. January 28, 2016.
Dorothy Dutiel, murder suicide with girlfriend, February 12, 2016. White father / Asian mother
Joshua Zarembeski, armed robbery, February 26, 2016. White father / Asian mother
Alex Buckner, mass murder of entire family, February 26, 2016, White father / Asian mother
Colin James Sparks, theft of $1000 worth of Lego sets, July 15th, 2016.
Justin Mazone, arrested for intoxication manslaughter, January, 2016
Pre-2013 List.
Glenn Murphy, Jr., 2007, Head of Young Republicans, arrested for sexual assault on a 22 year old sleeping man.
Wesley Covenah, child molester, Asian mother, white father
James Sosnicki, gay for pay “stripper”. He served 3 years for drug possession, burglary, and fraud. Now on parole.
Phillip Sands, ex-deputy Sheriff’s son convicted of murder, 2005.
Marcus Epstein, 2007, anti-immigrant activist arrested for assault on a black woman
Learco Chindamo, half Italian, half Phillipino, convicted in 1995 stabbing murder
Arthur Patterson, 1997 Itaewon murder
Tiege Harris Delaney Jr, half Asian, white father, child molestation; father also arrested for… child molestation.
Charlie Chase, 1998, “Sometimes, lots of times, I fantasize about cutting someone’s head off, cutting their heart out”, WMAF Hapa. Japanese Mother. In prison for murder, robbery, assault.
Jack Abbot, was an American criminal and author, to an Irish-American soldier and a Chinese prostitute, murder, robbery.
Heck Van Tran, Triple Murder
Roger Brady, double murder
Richard Yi Begnell, 2012, larceny
Harvie Dale Oglesby III, bank robbery, dubbed the “Hipster Bandit”, 2012
Tyler Lee Ford, groped three girls sleeping in a bedroom in the home: two 9-year-olds and a 10-year-old, 2013.
Jarred Dean Snyder, 2014 armed robbery
David Anthony Runyon, 2007, killer for hire
Nicole John, 2010 daughter of the Ambassador to Thailand and a Korean woman, death from falling off of Manhattan high-rise during party, while high.
Two hapas charged with almost cutting a 15 year olds arm off.
Empire State Building Shooter, 2012
Robert John Bardo, Korean mother, White father, 1989 murder
George Woldt, wanton abduction, torture, rape and murder of college student Jacine Gielinski in 1997. “His own mother is Korean and apparently Woldt never accepted his Asian ancestry and wished his mother dead for having had him.”
Martin Soto-Fong, Mexican father, Chinese mother, triple murder, 1994
Alfred K. Brown, White Father, Japanese Mother, 1982 Triple Murder
Jason McClendon, 1995, White Father, Half Asian Mother, Murder of Mother
Steven Parker. White Father, Vietnamese Mother. Double Homicide, Kidnapping, Robbery. 2005. sources
Gerald Powers. White Father, Taiwanese Mother. Murder and aggravated robbery. 1966. source
Michael Blair. White Father. Thai Mother. Sexual Assault and Rape of multiple children. Early 90’s. source
John Harvey Otwell, White father, Chinese mother, drifter and murder of girl, 1989. Mugshot.
George Wilkerson. White Father. Korean Mother. Murder. 2005. source



AMWF seems superior because WMAF is almost usually driven by insecurity on both sides. AF (wants to whiten the race up by breeding with a white man; white worship complex) WM (hates WW or has had bad experiences with them; has yellow fever complex; knows he’ll be worshipped by AF so he chooses them over WW or any other race/ethnicity)
I feel the same way about BMWF relationships. Most of the time, they’re driven by insecurity as well. BM (white worship complex; wants to gain status and/or whiten up the race by breeding with a WW) WW (wants to prove she isn’t racist; only dates BM for their big dick stereotype; wants to gain attention or upset WM and BF) I also tend to think WMBF relationships are superior to WFBM as well.

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