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Thoughts on multiethnic countries and liberalism

Originally published at Когда нас в бой пошлёт товарищ Путин и маршал Шойгу в бой нас поведёт!. You can comment here or there.

The way I see it.  Extremism is that of Xinjiang terrorists.  You know.  Blowing shit up.  Not having a viewpoint that makes one uncomfortable.

If EA (like those of China and Korea), that if we were white, we’d be no different than a white person wanting to preserve ourselves and don’t believe in the “multicultural” scam.  But yet.  A white person who doesn’t believe in “multiculturalism” is automatically a nazi.  Never mind that it’s spoken words.  Not extreme violence.

This is one of the analogies I’d give to those EA who think highly of western civilization.  It’s an uncomfortable truth.

We aren’t extremists.  We’re just saying what the majority is thinking.  They’re just too afraid to express it.

so you’re referring to ppl like Jared Taylor

many ppl think that but are afraid to say

because there are asians, blacks, hispanics

who they fear pissing off

Or David Duke.  He’s more “purer” in his thinking.  But he’s not necessarily wrong.

ppl still have guilt

it’s a burden

that includes whites

that’s how you get the joke of the white left

a totally hypocritical ridiculous culture

they just didn’t think far enough to realize that conquering ppl would mean those ppl learning your language and your having to deal with them directly

its cultural pollution for your language

you have to accommodate them somewhat

like the only healthy multiracial country is Russia

Creating Frankenstein’s monster.

most are fuckups

latin america


america becoming that way too

duke of qin writes how hiring filipino maids is absolutely horrible idea

for hong kong and singapore chinese

you have to deal with them

What do those countries have all in common (sans Russia)?


hong kong and singapore and phillipines chinese literally trade filipino maids like cattle

They’re artificial.  Created by colonialism.  Master slave hierarchy

amy chua’s dad’s twin sister was murdered by a filipino domestic help since the family constantly abused them

No matter how “civilized” they think they are.  That’s their foundation.  And the society they created.  It’s engraved.  It cannot be removed like you can’t remove your heart.


like why did the bolsheviks happen in russia

because tsar conquered more and more asiatics ppls

it was a burden to absorb them

and there was a lot of mixing before starting from 13th century

volga tatars

crimean tatars



Explains soooooo much about Amy Chua.  And I’m not surprised.  Garbage found the garbage can that is Amy Chua.

search “world on fire”

she brags about 1% chinese privilege in the philippines

and treating the natives there like cattle

but when chinese get murdered

the police don’t care enough to do anything about it

also if you’re farsighted you’d realize that treating servants like shit increases chance of one murdering you eventually

I’d say you’re right on the money re. racism in America. race realists are honest. they may not treat you like a friend, but they have a moral code and can be reasoned with. unlike liberals, who have no morals and no soul

liberals can’t really be saved, honestly. ignore and let them kill each other. I would tell liberals to go to hell, but hell won’t even accept them

the feeling I get with a liberal gathering, whether it’s at a party or conference etc. is the feeling of a unilateral world ruled by whites/jews and everyone else subordinate

but when it’s realists in a room, it is the feeling of a multilateral world with many intelligent groups co-operating and co-existing

that is the difference between a world ruled by jew and a world “ruled” by Asians, really


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