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A traitorous attitude is the mark of the weak.

In America, a person’s “social skills” framework is not developed organically. Rather, it is a patchwork of prescribed elements glued together using prescribed formulas. Some might call it “brainwashing.”

In theory, it’s a perfect situation: with such rigorous education and strong survival skills, Chinese people can easily take all the high paying entry-level jobs, outperform everyone else, all while spending the minimum amount of time at work. The only thing missing is a mental health and social safety net.

Even if you are a competent recruiter, when 80% of the applicants are incompetent people you’ll inevitably end up hiring a lot of incompetent people. It’s common knowledge that in the tech industry, Indians have such a reputation.

“Asian” is a meaningless identity which only exists in English-language thought. And it is meaningless even within English-language thought.

When we (East Asians) say “Asian” to each other, we understand what it means. Not with 100% certainty, but with high enough confidence, like 95% or 99%.

I’m not a fan of this analytical genetics stuff, honestly. It’s just more data.

People online who are pro-HK expect the HK police to be completely free of sin. Yet the same standard is not applied to other police forces.

America really used to be a great nation with an industrious people, but those days are over. You can see every step of this decline play out in American history — the glorification of sex and violence, the devaluing of family, the promotion of mindless gratification. The very concept of “America” is now obsolete, for power is now concentrated in the hands of a few who are not loyal to any country or people.

Feminism is promoted to tear down family, and cowboy culture is promoted to tear down real wealth.

In this post-modern world, the grassroots planting of ideas is a mostly pointless pursuit. If you want ideas spread, you force them down people’s throats — not once or twice or a hundred times, but at their every waking moment.

Today, the realest communities — perhaps the only communities — of East Asians are churches. That’s just a fact.

The awkwardness of the English language when talking about race and citizenship are confusing, and that’s probably by design. For example, does “Canadian” mean “born in Canada,” “citizen of Canada,” “of Canadian ethnicity,” any combination of the above, or something else entirely?

Some vague notion of “networking” being the solution to everything — that is completely wrong, as decades of Asian-American history has shown us.

Some people have the attitude that if you’re not doing as well as they are, then you’re not trying as hard as they are, and they use that as an excuse to look down on you. That’s something a truly confident person would never do.

You talk about Google and Facebook being tech companies. But true high-tech in America is not publicly visible — it’s in places like the NSA, Lockheed Martin, and shady international dealings.

No one I ever met in China talks about HK, which shows how irrelevant the “protestors” really are.

Ironically, it is China out of all countries who is in the best position to institute a formal international standard for business English. Possibly with help from countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Chinese people are not treated with the same standard as humans because they are treated with the same standard as enemy combatants. Thereore, Chinese people should think of living overseas with an attitude of warfare. There are resources to take and lands to conquer. All around the world, resources are being mismanaged, and who better than Chinese people to take over?

When we talk about social class and social standing of Asians living in overseas countries, we see that Asian men and Asian women often swim in different waters.

At the very least, race realists are honest. They may not treat you like a friend, but they have empathy and are capable of reasoning, and one can’t expect everyone to be your friend anyway. On the other hand, liberals (for the lack of a better term) are defined by their lack of empathy and incapability of reasoning when it comes to people they don’t like.

My experiences at gatherings, whether online or in the real world, can be clearly divided into two kind, and each kind represents a type of world. One is a unilateral world where one group is powerful and everyone else is subordinate. The other is a multilateral world where intelligent people and ideas co-operate and co-exist as equals. That is the difference between a world ruled by America and a world “ruled” by China.

In a typical prison cell, people are let out for a few hours each day. In a typical democracy, people get to vote once every four years — and they call that “freedom.”

In America, the average person’s attitude toward politics is this: politicians are evil, and I’d probably make a better politician than all those evil people, but I don’t want to, because politicians are evil.

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