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Ties of Chinese-American scientists to China

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I’ve noticed in America that Jews often have close ties to Israel, including the scientists and engineers and also the business people. But because of the nature of US-Israel relations, and also that Jews more or less control media and politics in America, that’s okay, even encouraged.

Whereas a Chinese scientist or engineer in America with ties to the Chinese government, that would be a major “red flag” (note the pun here). Like Princeton computer science professor Kai Li’s association (being on the Board, he surely has some significant stakes in the company) with that company Moqi which would be, in the eyes and words of America, creating a fingerprint recognition system for the police department of an communist authoritarian regime.

Some college student in China was shocked when I told him that white Americans don’t really give a fuck about distinguished Chinese-American scientists like Andrew Yao or Yigong Shi or Shoucheng Zhang, despite their being all over the Chinese media now. To white Americans, their names are alien and hard to pronounce. Not to mention they take coveted tenured professorships at top universities. As un-PC as it is to say, Shoucheng Zhang dying means Stanford can actually hire another tenured theoretical physicist. So many young smart people would kill for that position in America. So naturally, there is anger when he uses the prestige of that to create a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley for Chinese.

I also stumbled upon this Future Science Prize, a prize for Chinese scientists with prize money of $1 million, funded by the likes of Robin Li (founder of Baidu) and similar Chinese private sector entrepreneurs. The committee is full of mostly mainland origin ethnic Chinese (often with American citizenship) professors, many at distinguished US universities and elected to various US national academies. Those people know that in America, people outside their very narrow field don’t really give a fuck about them, which means that they have to “reconnect with China.” Using the word “reconnect,” they are not mainstream in China either; they are seen by many if not most in China as “American.”

And that Kai Li is also on its prize committee:

2020-01-09 下午12.12.57

These elite Chinese-Americans may think they’re like Jews, but in reality, they are like Jews in Germany in 20s and 30s but less powerful. I’ll put it at that.

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