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反对过多的同型交配(assortative mating)

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以下是Duke of Qin在Unz Review上写的,加上我对其的中国翻译。我基本同意他的说法。有些人可能觉得同型交配能创造出更多顶端的人,无论是智商,还是身高,还是富翁。右派人容易注重精英,而忽略平均,忽略群众。这种做法显得提升效率,可是长远它必然导致阶层固化,使得社会更不公平则缺乏竞争力。

This also needs to be said, long term assortative mating is bad, very very bad for civilization. You know what happens when assortative mating gets taken too far? A caste system. Basically creating multiculturalism and even multiracialism. Do as your ancestors have done and marry the pretty but not so bright girl and sire children with her. This spreads the smart genes around and ensures sufficient churn in the elites that stasis never sets in. Otherwise your civilization turns into India. India is a shithole, partly because the average Indian isn’t very bright, but mostly because their maladaptive caste system wrecked their society some 2000 years ago. The problem of the caste system is that it sets permanent status at birth, reproductive access without work, and lowers the general competitiveness of a society all around. Indian society has basically zero permanent social mobility because of endogamous mating and this means that not only are smart bright people not able to climb their way up in society, but stupidity by the elites is never punished as harshly as warranted. Merit is unrecognized, failure is tolerated and ignored, all to maintain group endogamy and caste advantage.


With all of the terrible consequences of such a system, you have to wonder why it has persisted so long. The simple answer is that it does have single, but huge, advantage compared to more exogamous and equitable societies, civilizational metastability. Assortative mating results in fixed elites and the shattering of the masses into even more distinct subgroups. This makes it impossible for lower status groups to organize and gang up on those on the top because intergroup trust and ability to cooperate is non existent. The elites rests securely on top with minimal effort. You know what is almost non-existent in India history? Peasant rebellions. Oh castes were perfectly willing to fight each other over petty spoils and marginal differences in status, but they could never take collective action to challenge the elites. They simply couldn’t because there was no “smarter than the average bear” Jean-baptiste, or Johann, or Jin Yang willing to say I’m just as smart as the local lord/king/emperor so fuck him, get your pitchforks boys. In caste societies, the elites enjoy being elites for a long time, if not forever, and the society itself has achieved a metastable position at extreme cost of overall competitiveness.


To use a more contemporary metaphor, think of pubstars pwning noobs all day in pub games for shits and giggles. Because the level of play and competition is so low, they never learn to lose bad habits accrued over time nor up their level of skill to the next level because there is no need to. Then when they play true pros, that skirmish against each other regularly and where the minimal standard of play is so high that stupid mistakes and harshly and ruthlessly punished, they get pwned themselves like the newbs they are.


Yeah, so assortative mating when carried out too far is bad. Do marry your cute secretary. Do it not only for yourself, but for your very civilization!






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