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I have been saying this for a while: the Chinese possessing American degrees are afraid of becoming socially marginalized in the face of an increasingly patriotic and self-sufficient Chinese nation. They purposely slander the second gen. at every opportunity in order to deflect suspicion from themselves.


Thus, if I might add: I have never once in my life seen a Chinese person who possessed an American degree willingly pass up the opportunity to insult a member of the second (or later) generation. Their aggression is simply off the charts. It reflects a sense of urgency. They are under pressure because they know that the American degree is becoming less valuable in the eyes of the Chinese public with every passing year. As members of the second generation, we need to let the Chinese public know the truth concerning the situation abroad and concerning the travails of our demographic. At every step of the way, the Chinese possessing American degrees have been our worst enemy. They don't want a movement of second-generation loyalists to emerge because it deprives them of their supply of scapegoats, and threatens to funnel the rising current of anti-American sentiment back at them.


As with the members of the first generation, the identity of the Chinese possessing American degrees is founded upon the constant stream of lies which they tell to the people back home: lies about the glamour of the American lifestyle, about the preeminence of American education, about the necessity of obtaining working experience at Goldman Sachs and Google, about the compatibility of being Chinese with being an American citizen or permanent resident, and lastly, about how the wretched, natively English-speaking Bananamen detest the nation of China and desire to restore the system of Imperialism. Thus, explain the Chinese ex-pats, we are hard at work here in America fighting the Bananamen and representing the PRC's interests abroad. Ignore the fact that we look down on China's living conditions and prefer the Western environment. Ignore the fact that we competed tooth-and-nail against our fellow countrymen for the opportunity to squeeze out of the country. Ignore the fact that some of us are actively pursuing American citizenship and permanent residency. Ignore the fact that many of us would rather engage in transnational money-laundering than to reinvest our funds into China's local economies. It is all the fault of the Bananamen! Blame them, not us! It is their fault! We are not the same as them! They speak Chinese with an accent! Look, we are staging pro-PRC, anti-HK protests at metro-stations!! We are not the Bananamen!! The Bananamen are scum!!





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