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Harvard chemistry professor Charles Lieber arrested for connection with Chinese university

It was because a Russian in Russia told me about a new post on Steve Hsu's blog that I decided to actually go across the firewall on another computer. It was some interview with some Harvard math PhD (1990) from mainland China. I skimmed through the transcript very quickly. I recall Steve Hsu said something like "NYT makes China seem dystopian and makes you think how anybody in the right mind would want to move there." I won't comment on that, other than that my opinion of ethnic Chinese with (voluntary) American association is generally quite low. Most of the involuntary ones (such as born there or moved there with parents as a kid) are pretty shit too, but I guess they have some sort of excuse. It's more of a cultural/personality/outlook matter than an ability one, though in the latter, they are also rather overrated.

Anyhow, this Lieber guy is Jewish, Wiki says his three best students were Hongjie Dai, Peidong Yang, Philip Kim all professors of chemistry at top US schools. My reaction was damn, if US can screw over a Jew for some STEM connection with China, then they can easily screw over ethnic Chinese. Including Princeton University computer science professor Kai Li, who is on the board of directors of a company creating fingerprint recognition for Chinese police department, deployed on the Chinese "Golden Shield" network. See

武汉理工大学也够蠢的,竟然给他月薪五万美金加上每年十五万美金的生活费,相当于七十五万美金(五百万以上 RMB)的年收入。就哈弗我估计给他的钱一年都不到三十万。感觉他是为了捞点钱,中国大学那么傻,难道以为给那么多钱就一定会得到好结果么?好多海归也是那样做的,拿个牌子骗钱而已。

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