Sheng Li (gmachine1729) wrote,
Sheng Li

No more visiting Steve Hsu's blog

I only decided to read it again because a Russian in Russia mentioned some update on it, regrettably. The commenters on there are absolute shit. Consider this to my last comment on there.

I turned off all email notifications for Disqus. And I probably won't visit this blog for a while. Occasionally there may be a Russian in Russia worth meeting on here, but that is not enough to cancel out all the garbage, not even close.

Anyhow, somebody I highly respect for his ability and personal character has been encouraging me to treat all Chinese from China who voluntarily obtained US degrees with open hate given how shitty they are, and I thought he was being a bit extreme, but not anymore. To put it quite bluntly, most Chinese-Americans including the ones born or grew up in America are also complete garbage. And I don't care about alienating them because they're an untouchable caste pretty much everywhere in the world. Mainstream America hates you and mainstream China hates you too. You have no political power, no military backing, and can easily be rounded up and persecuted. America had the Japanese interned in concentration camps in WWII, and the Chinese communists would have killed the blogger's mother's relatives had they not fled to Taiwan. Don't think America actually genuinely care about Taiwan or Hong Kong or Chinese-Americans. Your only value to America is as a coolie, sex slave, or subversion agent. No matter how smart you may be individually, both mainstream Chinese and mainstream Americans will not hesitate to demean you and they know they can without any repercussion.

And Steve, I know you're a well-meaning, smart person, just politically misguided in many ways. I appreciate whatever positive I've gotten from you and your blog, and I don't have any malicious intentions at heart, though I can easily become extremely merciless and brutal when collective interests require it. One piece of advice: nobody in mainstream America wants to hear a yellow man bitch about discrimination against Asians in college admissions, and nobody in China wants to hear a bananaman talk about a "homeland" he has no clue about either. Both of these actions will only trigger more hate against you. Hate that you cannot withstand in the long run, being part of a powerless group. I know you didn't choose to come to America either, but I hate to say that you share many of the shitty qualities of the emigrants. Anyhow, regardless, you are partially or indirectly responsible for the sins of your ancestors; that's a sad reality of life and of ethnic nepotism. There will be no real sympathy for Chinese-Americans just as there is pretty much no real sympathy for the Native Americans because they are powerless group who nobody else identifies with or has reason to give a fuck about unless for their own selfish interest.



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