Scientific revolution a Latin Christian, not Jewish, product; colonialism in China

To a white American, I wrote the following:

Reading about Euler and Gauss makes me go damn and you won't believe how much America has bastardized Western civilization and the white race

Interestingly, Euler spent 1727-1741 in St. Petersburg. Another friend of mine keeps telling how Russians got so much of their good stuff from the Germans.

Modern science and the modern world was mostly or almost entirely created by white men. Gentile whites not even Jews. The current day worship of women and non East Asian minorities in STEM (in America mostly) is a laughing stock.

More to show that Jews are not actually really that original. They may have come up with a ton of breakthroughs in science from 19th century on, and in the 20th century especially, but they were mostly following the tradition of the "goyim" predecessors. In the likes of:

Copernicus, Kepler, Descartes, Pascal, Galileo, Huygens, Newton, Leibniz, Bernoulli, Euler, Lagrange, Galois, Cauchy, Abel, Gauss, Riemann, and many others Gentile men of sciences in the era I didn't think of immediately.

In any case, it was clear that the foundation was created by Gentiles and not Jews. Many of these men of science were also very devout Christians with some deep musings on the religious and philosophical matters. They were well aware of the tradition they were coming from, and I hope to learn more about some actual European and Western history and culture over time, which I actually know little about, especially since I was not raised Christian. There is also that I am Chinese, not white or Jewish, which further my limits my understanding and exposure.

Something else to note is that Martin Luther, father of Protestantism, was German. So was Gutenberg, the main inventor of the printing press in Europe. In that list of men of science, German and Dutch (and also Swiss) account for like half.

Starting that tradition is the hardest and most foundational. Not merely entering it as part of another group later on, as the Jews did, or far later on, as did the Indians, Japanese, and Chinese. There are whites who have told me that Jews are going out of their way to subvert Gentiles, with America as their main base. Feminism, gay rights, minority rights, SJWs all part of the Jewish strategy to undermine the Gentiles.

Over the past year, I learned a fair bit about white, Western, European (and also later Japanese) imperialism and colonialism in China, which began with the Opium Wars. Or you can say that it began with the Portugese and Dutch in the 16th and 17th centuries, with trying and failing to conquer parts of mainland of China. The Spanish and Dutch had bases in Taiwan (Formosa) for 30 some years in 17th century before eviction by Koxinga though.

A Chinese person I've talked with who hates Anglos has said that the Dutch were relatively "more benign" colonizers. I know that in the Dutch East Indies, they didn't actually make the natives all use Dutch and learned the indigenous language. Some white American tells me the Dutch, German, and Scandinavians have less Chutzpah than the Anglos, who also are much more yearning to impose their world view on everyone else.

The Opium War were financed and supported by the Jewish Sassoon family in India. The first one was from 1839-1842 and the second one was from 1856-1860. Some of the British soldiers in that were actually Indian sepoys. The losses in those wars didn't "wake up" the Qing Dynasty elites enough, with mindset still stuck in pre-industrial feudal era, with the modernization/industrialization movement from 1860 on not going far enough, culminating in the defeat against Japan in 1894-1895, which was the real "wake up call." Japan had industrialized and modernized much more successfully despite only really starting in 1868.

Before I have asked myself why China was not actually very extensively colonized or even partitioned, as had happened to India or Africa. After all, China was in the 19th century already far far behind, and very much oblivious to the happenings of the outside world, living in a completely different age essentially, with the Western powers seemingly omnipotent in comparison with their modern science, technology, and military. This is of course a rather complex question. I would say that much because of being much more distant, both geographically and linguistically, the costs of colonizing would have been much higher. So initially unequal treaties pertaining to mostly trade were enough to content the West. There is also that compared to some other smaller, more primitive, or more divided places, like India or the East Indies, China was much harder to conquer. In India, the British and the others, after establishing coastal settlements, could easily manipulate the various kingdoms and ethnic groups and castes of the Mughal Empire to fight each other and also on behalf of the East India Company. This was for conquering inland which was still difficult or at least extremely costly without railroad transportation and telegraph communication. Even with Africa, the most primitive and backwards place, Europe did not start conquering inland until 1880.

I would go as far as to say that the conquests and colonialism were motivated more by exploitation of resources, wealth, and labor than by "racism." The cultural subversion and cultural imperialism was primarily for the service of capitalism. That white American believes that white Gentiles, especially non-Anglos, are mostly into wealth extraction, and in contrast to the Jews, they are not actually that keen on cultural or political subversion, especially for its own sake. It does also seem superficially to me that the Dutch and Germans, and also French, were relatively more "culturally leave other people alone" in their imperialistic activities, in comparison to the British and Spanish. In China, some people might be cynical or afraid enough to think that the white European imperialists were yearning to take over the country. I think that was actually far from the case. There were lots of internal contradictions and competition among the European powers as well, and to them, China was this big alien nation and culture, more or less irrelevant to them. China at that time also mostly saw white Europeans as completely otherly, and as I mentioned, only after the crisis that ensued the defeat by Japan in 1894-1895 did China really begin to take seriously the problem of how to modernize to survive the West and Japan. Following that war, China was clearly exposed as weak and easy to exploit, and the Western powers contemplated taking more of the country for themselves. Germans took a part of the Shandong Peninsula in 1898. Technology had advanced enough to make colonialism much less costly. However, there was the Boxer Rebellion which resulted in the murder of some Westerners and Chinese Catholics in China and its supression by the Eight Nation Alliance. The result was to more or less keep the status quo, with the West probably realizing that actually colonizing the country might be "a bit more than they can chew."

I said to that white American with some intent of humor that Quora is a product of British imperialism. The Brits taught Indians English in mass as part of their colonial enterprise, and now we have hordes of Indians bastardizing the English internet with their bullshit. I'll let the reader determine if hundreds of millions of English fluent Indians are an asset or liability to the Anglo world, America especially. What the reader is reading is also in some sense a result of Deng Xiaoping and this "reform and opening up" that was abetted by America's ruling class, that spawned a non-negligible class of "white worshippers" in or from China, some of whom raised children in America.

American media and culture is clearly a complete "multicultural" mess, and pretty much impossible to clean up. It's a bastardization of Western culture. A significant part of the problem can be, of course, traced to the import of black slaves from the West Coast of Africa that persisted over centuries. The Jews see this as a way to decohere European civilization so that their takeover and rule of it persists.

One might have thought that white European colonialism and rule would persist more or less indefinitely, with the colonized "colored" peoples kept in leash. In contrast, it imploded with two world wars and became a victim of its own success. Much of its legacy is a multicultural, mixed-raced mess. In America, we are now often seeing the reverse of what happened centuries ago, for instance Indian bosses lording over whites in internet companies and whites not being able to utter a word regardless out of fear of being perceived as "racist."

Hordes of East Asian Americans and worshippers in China too are now literally doing all they can to be able to attend MIT and Stanford. Qinghua University in Beijing was founded as part of the Boxer Rebellion Indemnity to America. That school is considered the top in China also with Beijing University, and the culture of it is extremely America worshipping. Many people there literally suck the dicks of MIT and Stanford, and treat the students and professors there almost as demigods. It's fucking ridiculous. I even said something like:

If Chinese want to be "white-worshipping" or appreciate Western civilization, why don't they go learn about Euler and Gauss and the political background of Europe doing that period. That stuff's a lot more meaningful than Star Wars or the culture of current day Harvard.

Which is why some others and myself all think that if China is get to anywhere serious, it has to keep some distance from Qinghua and Beida, which are essentially jumping boards for graduate school in America. China got a lot of good stuff from the Soviet Union in the 50s; regrettably, from 80s on, they started going along more and more with bullshit from America. CPC won the Civil War much because upon news of Red Army's takeover of Manchuria from Japan in August-September 1945, which was by far the most advanced and industrialized part of China then, many soldiers were sent there, with much leftover Japanese weaponry transferred over.

Finally, I shall say that I am rather contemptuous of Chinese-Americans because of their lack of awareness of history. It is despicable. I was super awkwarded out by it growing up. The "Asian" students are so into being smart and their test scores and contest awards, but they never care to learn a bit about history or their cultural background. They do not seem to be that aware that the math and science they learn is actually white, Western, and that their culture, one of idiotic stereotypes held by white Americans, has nothing to do with China or Asia. It's something they imagined in their pathetic minds, nothing having to do with the actual reality. They might be individually smart but they are soulless, and their background predetermines them to be an "untouchable caste." So their personalities, their decisions are almost necessarily devoid of perspective.


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