软弱无力的美国华人 (Politically Impotent Chinese-Americans)

在一个博文里 Steve Hsu 写了

Warning: in the comments I will censor anti-Jewish remarks.




我的评论没有被删,而是内容被改成了 Comment removed.
我的评论没有被删,而是内容被改成了 Comment removed.

Well, Hsu is SVP at MSU, and Jews pretty much control higher education in US. Yes, he has tenure, but even then, you can't get too out of line. There is still competition for grants, prestige, recognition, approval of colleagues, etc among the tenured. Not to mention that he has kids who will be applying to college and are pretty much stuck in America or at least another Anglo country. White Americans are not that stupid and they at least subconsciously know that the Chinese who go to America voluntarily are mostly greedy, status-seeking, selfish, conformist, spineless people who will not take any serious risk out of principle, as opposed to for personal gain. If you threaten the career or future of their kids in America, they will almost certainly back down. When needed, the establishment in America can easily extort them.

Of course, people in the establishment in China know this too. Which means nobody in the right mind would trust for anything serious any Chinese with a kid in America who cannot assimilate into Chinese society. Especially if that person voluntarily went to America and is thereby fully responsible for the creation of such a situation. They know that a guy like Qi Lu with a kid pretty much "held hostage in America" will concede to demands from powerful people in America, especially when he kissed up to such people for decades in order to rise to where he did.



徐是 Michigan State University 的 Senior Vice President,犹太人基本控制着美国的高等教育。是,他有铁饭碗,但是即便如此,也不能太“离谱”。依然存在经费,威望,同事认可,等的竞争。就不用说他有快要申请大学的孩子,孩子也只能留在美国或至少另一个英文界国家。美国白人也没那么傻,他们至少潜意思知道自愿去美国的华人大多都是贪心,虚荣,自私,顺从,无脊梁的人,不会为什么原则或信仰而非个人所得做出任何真正的冒险。如果你威胁到他们孩子在美国的事业或未来,他们基本保证会妥协的。真正需要,美国的当权派可以很容易敲诈他们。




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