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Yandex Disk is awesome, so is sci-hub, libgenesis, etc from Russia

I am uploading a file of 1.2 GB, which is my collection of videos of Soviet Red Songs over time. I have shared it and you can download it at Unlike Weiyun, it does not estimate the number of MB per sec dynamically. But with the percentage generally going up 0.4% in under one second, the transfer rate would be about 5 MB / second. Weiyun's rate on the free version average about 300 KB / second and for the 30 RMB / month paid version with 6 TB, the data transfer rate is generally lower, not to mention that you cannot upload multiple files simultaneously, unlike in Yandex Disk.

Below is a screenshot of Yandex Disk during the upload.

Something else. I recently met online a high school student near St. Petersburg, and talk with him a fair bit on вКонтакте. I told him about the Chrome extension I made for managing tabs in browser. I use it a lot myself, since as a programmer, it's not uncommon to have over 100 tabs open. I asked him if he would want to add Russian internationalization for it. I had already added Chinese internationalization before. I had mentioned this several weeks ago and pretty much forgotten about it. But this morning, I got a pleasant surprise.

I asked him to send me all the code, and even better if he can do a merge request on Github. In general, not only are Russians more competent than Americans, they are also much more honest and less opportunistic. When you hire people, you look at a combination two more or less orthogonal factors, the first is competence and the second is what I would call "political reliability." For high up management positions, the latter generally trumps the former. The reason why Russians and Chinese cannot make it to the top of corporate America is because they lack the latter there almost solely by virtue of their background.

Something else. I learned from this really smart Russian programmer in Siberia about sci hub, which contains a large repository of scientific papers, with the current count at 82,239,461. It was created by a female programmer from Kazakhstan born in late 80s. Interestingly, she is an open Stalinist. See

What have I gotten concretely from that site? Well, recently, I looked a bit into biochemistry (nothing serious, since my knowledge of it is essentially zero), and in particular, I watched a CCTV documentary on the artificial synthesis of bovine insulin in PR China in the 60s, which was a Nobel chemistry worthy result, but did not win the prize for political reasons, though nominated.

And I was able to download an article from the West in 60s pertaining to it from

I will donate some to sci-hub eventually, and I encourage others to do so too. I had donated some to fund the translation of one of the books of Professor Grover Furr into Russian, pertaining to the Katyn Massacre.

The last few months, I learned a fair bit about statistical mechanics, mostly from the textbook of Chinese-American MIT professor Kerson Huang. It was downloaded from which is also based in Russia. I have downloaded many books from there, including the quantum mechanics volume by Landau, which I have still not read at all. My plan was to go through quantum mechanics in some depth next, but looks like work is keeping me too busy.

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