Steve Hsu's ridiculous China related comments

This was towards me. There are two that left me quite a (negative) impression. The first was:

Don't you think that if the KMT won the war, China's GDP would be higher than it is now?

I didn't want to argue with him on something as pointless as this, so I merely responded: I think that is too hypothetical of a scenario to consider.

He also said:

If I became a billionaire in China, I'd want to get out.

To that, I was like: why?

His response:

Because I'm afraid the government will take away my wealth.

In retrospect, this is completely laughable. I think he's about as likely to get persecuted politically in America too, if not more, as an untouchable caste Chinese-American.

Because his startup SafeWeb took CIA funding to deploy VPNs in China around 2000-2003 (which were easily shut down), the people in China involved with the firewall know who he is, and he is probably on some Chinese government blacklist. He once even sort of "bragged" about being a distant relative of Chiang Kai-shek on his blog. The result: he is being caught in a crossfire between two powerful adversarial nations.



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