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Stanford prof James Landay advising daughter of Weinan E, cofounder of Chinese surveillance company

I remember the piece James Landay wrote in late 2011 expressing low opinion of computer science in China. I think it's fair to say that reality now has proven him to be a fool. In it he even made fun of China trying to copy the iPhone; I think it's now about time to make fun of him. Heck, even former Soviet Red Army officer Andrei Martyanov wrote that the iPhone, aside from the microelectronics which is not actually made by Apple, is not actually high tech, nothing compared to a good jet engine or a nuclear submarine.

Landay spent 1.5 years at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, which is obviously a very Westernized place by Chinese standards. I remember there was some report of Marco Rubio criticizing some collaboration of MSRA with National University of Defense Technology, reflected in joint publication of some papers.

I stumbled upon the web page of this Stanford PhD student by the name of Jane E, who judging from the extremely rare surname in combination with her resume is undoubtedly the daughter of Princeton applied math professor Weinan E.

Jane E's CV can be publicly viewed at

For a mirror of it:

As for Weinan E's involvement with fingerprint recognition company serving Chinese Ministry of Public Security, see and and

for details.

I wonder what American law enforcement would think of professors at Princeton and Stanford in bed with Chinese law enforcement agencies and the Chinese government. Something to note is that Weinan E is a Chinese citizen and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences utilizing the prestige and resources of Princeton University for the development of fingerprint matching technology, etc in China, for the Chinese government.

As for his daughter, I do feel somewhat sorry for her since she did not choose to be born in America. But it's human nature to judge kids according to their parents. Interestingly, when I told a Russian in Russia about Annabel Yao, the younger daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, who recently graduated from Harvard, who a person I know who also recently graduated from there has met, the response was

Another hostage in America? 

中国政府也警惕数亿国人的指纹信息泄露到美国。反华斯坦福教授 James Landay 却是鄂维南女儿的博士导师,这对中国也是明显的利益冲突,政治风险。


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