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Disqus comment search service released!

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THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED. SEE is the service endpoint.

I made this because I wanted to be able to search a user’s Disqus comments. On the Disqus site itself, for a user with a ton of comments, you have to keep scrolling down manually which is painful and takes too long. On the other hand, using this service I downloaded 4000+ comments of BobSykes in under 3 minutes (with a retry). By default, this search tool limits to searching 100 latest comments, which is basically guaranteed to take under 5 sec.

2019-04-25 下午1.47.40

The released version is very minimal, much because I wanted to get this out ASAP, even if means not having a separate (more descriptive) domain name for it, which will come later (assuming I’m not too lazy).

Please forgive if this initial version has a few bugs. There is one in that if you’re trying to download a ton of comments (like 4000+) of a user, it might timeout on the first request. It did for me. But, the second time (after a refresh) it took under 20 seconds to download 4000+ comments. For those of you who are more technical, I plan to make this ajax-y to download asynchronously in batches of say around 100, sometime in the future (again assuming I don’t get too lazy).


You guys are welcome to provide me feedback via the following:

2019-04-25 下午1.48.53

And feel free to share this, including openly on the internet!

Also, shouldn’t happen, but for now no guarantee that there won’t be an outage.

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