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German girl Navina Heyden, AMWF, and Nietzsche master-slave morality

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has 18,970 followers on Twitter. Interestingly, she even makes fun of those Chinese who are “white worshipping”. For her outspokenness, there have even been people harassing her, including email her boyfriend’s former employer in German. This reminds me of all the talk about how Germany has now been corrupted by Americanism, despite being the source of much of high culture of the West.

Relatedly, last night, I thought of and read about Nietzsche master-slave morality again, which is of course very anti-egalitarian and elitist at its core. Such reminded me of the quote of Duke of Qin on Unz Review:

It’s assortive mating. A good fraction of Eurasian children of WMAF are the children of socially maladjusted white men and women looking for a green card. For those children sufficiently self aware, this is akin to getting hit in the face with the fact that your mother is a whore and your father a John every time they look in the mirror with an additional racial edge. It is a literal scarlet letter that they are burdened with their entire lives. Bourgeoisie whites are too well socialized to ever publicly admit such thoughts but everyone is thinking it even if it is unvocalized.

AMWF general come from an entirely oppositional dynamic where their socio-economic status in their respective communities tend to be significantly higher than their reverse gendered pairings.

My idea is that those white Western women (being descended from in some sense a superior race and civilization) who marry East Asian men are generally more self-assured, so that they have less reason to care about what other people think. As for the italics in the previous sentence, I am reminded also of how Steve Hsu has spoke of how European civilization has been dominant in the past several centuries, and he himself is in some sense a cucked out competent “honorary white”, further accentuated by his KMT ancestors and his father’s not returning to China in 50s despite a PhD in aerospace in America. As for an East Asian male marrying a white, Western woman, he generally needs to also be higher in competence and/or class background, giving the implicit racial penalty and racial discrimination.

Interestingly, a good number of upper class Chinese studying abroad during Republic of China era (1912-1949) married foreign women. I won’t count the Japanese ones, there were arguably even more of those, since Japanese are also East Asian. But I’ll make a list.

To be fair, Nietzsche master-slave morality is pretty much a natural human condition that exists in pretty much every society. Everybody, including myself, has exhibited both types of morality to some extent. There is also that children, being weak with respect to adults obviously, are more likely to be heavier in slave morality, including thinking in terms of “good vs evil”, as did I when I was a kid. And Lu Xun’s Ah Q mentality I think is pretty similar to Nietzsche’s slave morality.

Needless to say, Navina Heyden exhibits significantly more master morality than slave morality. That is rarer in women, who are more inclined to “follow the leader” in superficial ways. When I say that, I do also have in mind all those Asian women in America, and some in China too. 🙂

Lu Xun also visibly exhibited strong master morality. During Republic of China era, when China was quite weak and politically messed up, he would say the likes of

It’s in the wolf’s nature to eat the sheep. You should ask why you yourself are the sheep.

He considered China after 1930 to be run by Ah Qs, and the Xinhai Revolution in 1911 as not a real revolution. His literature was later banned in Taiwan. By the way, I also very much consider Steve Hsu to be an Ah Q. After all,

Don’t you think that if the KMT won the war, China’s GDP would be higher than it is now?

in 2020 is an extremely Ah Q question to ask.

People who blindly worship prestigious schools, including the ones able to attend them, are often very slave morality as well. Their self-esteem is so brittle and dependent on consensus and prestige that if they lose it, they would become emotionally unstable. Not to mention, I’ve seen a lot of ethnic Chinese Ah Qs in the Ivy League + MIT + Stanford, some of whom have looked down on me before, not that I have any reason to give a fuck about them.

And having had some Ah Q tendencies and behaviors too, I guess I have some personal psychological perspective on that. Of course, the reality is pretty much everybody has been Ah Q to some degree or another, though some people are too Ah Q even to come to terms with that, instead preferring to engage in some weird narcissism or self-delusion, as I have also done before.

And the reason why the title of my blog is 狗和留美者不得入内 is because I don’t want to see a slave morality revolt in China spearheaded by Ah Q Chinese with American degrees and their lackeys.

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