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On the death of Tony Hsieh, near billionaire founder of internet company Zappos

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After hearing on the news of the murder of some top Iranian nuclear scientist, I also saw online news of death of Tony Hsieh at age 46. Wikipedia and also ABC news attributes it to “complications related to a house fire”, which is suspicious as was “battle with depression” in the case of Stanford theoretical physicist professor and venture capitalist Shoucheng Zhang, who passed away in 2018 at age 55. I guess these are bad signs for ethnic Chinese in America who venture into the business world.

The best time for Chinese in America has long passed. In the past year, there was also the dismissal of Steve Hsu from Senior Vice President of Research at Michigan State. Unfortunately, the Chinese-Americans who look up to the three people mentioned above as examples of breaking the bamboo ceiling are up for a disappointment.

Which reminds me that towards the list of

  • Yishan Wong – CEO of Reddit
  • Jerry Yang – Founder of Yahoo!
  • Steve Chen – CoFounder of YouTube
  • Daniel Ha – CoFounder of Disqus
  • Perry Chen – CoFounder of Kickstarter
  • Steven Chu – Secretary of Energy

a guy responded with

It is not 100 years ago when there hardly any Asians in USA. Asian Americans are already 3% of the USA population. However, they are not represented 3% in positions of power. Not even close. On top of that, the people who emigrate to USA from Asia since the 1980’s tend to be waaaaaay above average in terms of wealth in the first place. So the fact their descendants perform poorly is statistically significant.

Moreover, there is a deliberate policy of genocide against AA. The people you listed are simply the outliers and not even very impressive either. It does not help to try to shift from white worship to “worship a very short list of [marginally] successful Asian Americans as a central tenant of your everyday existence.”

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