Sheng Li (gmachine1729) wrote,
Sheng Li

Willing to pay people to answer my questions about advanced physics

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I’ve having trouble making sense of this part of L&L Classical Theory of Fields and have cursory understanding of clock synchronization in relativity in general.

I would appreciate recommendations of good expositions on this. So far, I’ve only looked at , which hasn’t helped me much.

It occurred to me through this that so many of those underpaid physics graduate students or postdocs could actually earn some good money by answering questions about advanced physics from people like me.

I don’t really want to ask on physics stack exchange; the competence or reliability of the strangers on there often isn’t very high. Of course, I have a few friends who I would 100% trust on “physics consulting”, but they’re busy and I cannot bug them too much. If I’m going to pay a fee, I’d also rather pay it to someone who needs it, not someone already making good money in the corporate world.

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