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A slight rebuttal to Ron Unz’s claim of Jewish-American academic underperformance in the young

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Before reading this, I suggest the reader go through this  piece of Ron Unz, (, which seems to have gotten much traction, and also generated much controversy. In particular, I remember that the mother of 4x Putnam Fellow Daniel Kane wrote a piece criticizing it.

I also recall once receiving an email from Ron Unz mocking Mertz for more or less claiming that girls have equal aptitude as boys for mathematics based on International Math Olympiad (IMO) statistics, in which pretty much every medal winning country has had over the course of decades only about 5% female representation on the team, which selects 6 high schoolers each year. In that, he labeled Jews as overly aggressive and imposing, which is quite a stark contrast to East Asians in America.

While it does seem true that the young generation of Jewish-Americans is getting more or less destroyed by Asian-Americans on PSAT, AMC/AIME/USAMO and the physics and computing olympiads, I do still see a fair representation of Jews at or near the top of math and theoretical physics, the most g-loaded subjects, among my generation. Many of them seem to come from families with an elite academic tradition too. This is not surprising given the Jewish IQ statistics as well as their, as I’ve said before, having been embedded in Western culture, where modern science originated, for quite a while, in addition to their disproportionate wealth and political influence in the West. In contrast, the Chinese entered modern science quite late, a fair bit later than the Japanese, who in the 20th century achieved much more than the Chinese at the very high end of science and technology.

Maybe statistically, Ron Unz is objectively mostly right; maybe I was swayed somewhat by looking at some American Jews in my generation doing very and extremely well in pure mathematics. Something to note that while I have written much negative content about Jews and in general arguably have a low opinion of them, especially of their character, I want to emphasize that the ones in academia, especially parts like math and physics not associated with money or political power, are generally of pretty good character too. Though many or even most of Jews in theoretical science academia like Steven Weinberg are hard-core Zionists, you do get a few Jews in America like Ron Unz or Bobby Fischer or Norman Finkelstein at the other extreme. My white friend who placed very highly in math contests, who once shocked me by saying the likes of

Honestly, intellectually, it’s East Asians > Jews > whites.

suspects more nepotism among Jews in the hard sciences than in other groups, and by default, I would still assume that to be the case. Of course, as an academic or intellectual, I still have much appreciation for all the great work done by Jewish mathematicians and physicists.

It’s the Jews like Blinken in media, finance, politics, business, and law in America who are nasty and evil, in a rather stupid way too, given how much they’ve ruined America. There are many Chinese quite in awe of Jews, mostly out of ignorance or lack of capability. I was too as a kid. At this point though, having written much substantial content online in both English and Chinese, with some reading knowledge of Russian as well, in addition to having lived and worked years in both China and America, there’s no reason for me to be totally blown away by “Ashkenazi Jewish genius”, which does exist objectively to some extent, and which also exists much as a marketing phenomenon. Now, I’m well aware that there’s no reason to think that Kolmogorov was not as smart as von Neumann, or to think that Tomonaga was not as smart as Feynman or the little known to the general public Schwinger. The Einstein cult that pervades both American and Chinese mainstream is quite silly really. Having re-derived most of special relativity myself and also learned a bit of general relativity, especially the mathematics behind the latter, I’m well aware that there were many other scientists who played major roles in relativity or the extensive mathematical background behind it, like Larmor, Hermann Grassmann, Riemann, Lorentz, Poincare, Michelson (experimentalist), Morley (experimentalist), Hilbert, Minkowski, all of whom are relatively little known compared to Einstein. Though since I do not yet know general relativity, I may not be all that qualified to judge, but my impression is that Einstein was weaker than other top theoretical physicists or mathematicians as far as technical ability or mathematical ability is concerned. Of course, he stood out in terms of physical intuition and physics vision, but even there, one can’t deny that in the 1920s, he didn’t really play all that much of a role in the creation of quantum mechanics.

I am writing this much because I don’t want the Jews visiting this site who do not have the stereotypical negative qualities of Jews, often ones in theoretical science, to mis-perceive me as an “anti-Semite”. I don’t like that politically loaded term, and in fact, I feel like to the extent that I dislike Jews, I actually have pretty good reasons to. They should probably ask themselves why there is so much resentment against them, why they have been foolish enough as a group to make so many enemies. Even now, most intellectuals in China, as far as I can tell, have a low opinion of the general Jewish character as well. It’s not only Iran and the Arab or wider Muslim world, and to a lesser extent the white Gentiles.

To be honest, it felt rather uncomfortable for me to be in some sense “taking other people’s cake” in America, as an East Asian male there, and I mostly didn’t like the behavior or mindset of those rather politically insensitive and spinelessly opportunist Chinese immigrants there either. I’m glad I left America. I’m well aware that there is good reason for many whites to resent those Asian immigrants working in STEM in America, earning higher incomes than the typical white American. In light of this, the “taking other people’s cake” or more like “being mega parasites and actively trying to culturally subvert the world” that the Jewish economic and political elites do is utterly atrocious, with strong backlash totally expected and justified. I’m sure that the genius mathematician Grothendieck (of half Jewish ancestry IIRC), who I had read was quite generous, at times providing shelter for some homeless, who also protested actively to the point of career risk against certain military invasions such as the one in Vietnam, would be quite appalled by the current behavior of the Jewish American ruling class elite as well.

List of my notes on relativity

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