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Why Apple is overpriced garbage

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For some reason I cannot connect to git or Heroku on command line or a MySQL database on MySQL WorkBench on my Mac with VPN. Yet, I successfully connected to all three on Windows without VPN behind the Chinese Firewall.

Reminds me of how my iPhone years ago shut down outside at around freezing point temperature. Huawei phone many times cheaper than iPhone 6 does not have the same problems. After that I swore to never buy Apple hardware again, not that I ever bought such myself. I had before that already heard complaints of IPhone unable to start up in parts of China about -20 degrees Celsius. Moreover, in order to leech more money off consumers, you even need an Apple adapter to transfer data to a USB drive on MacBook Pro.

I very recently learned from Artyom Lukin, an international relations professor at Vladivostok, on Twitter that US is no longer granting non diplomatic visas to Russian nationals or something like that. I think if US and West is to have a real shot in this new cold war against Russia that it provoked, at least its smartphones ought to be able to survive the Russian winter. xD

Today, 2021/05/01, former Soviet Red Army officer Andrei Martyanov’s book, Disintegration: Indicators of the Coming American Collapse, is officially published, and it arrived on my kindle: I will read it little by little as I have done with his two other books, both regarding military and geopolitics.

As for Martyanov, I can’t help but recall that he had written along the likes of:

A nation the mainstream of which regards the iPhone and coding mobile apps as “high tech” is almost certainly culturally rotten.


If you think the iPhone is high tech, try building a competitive nuclear submarine or jet engine.

While writing this I was reminded of the Soviet song, Москва майская (Moscow in May), which was composed in 1937. Below is a beautiful music video of it with classic footage of Stalin and a parade by the Kremlin.

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