March 26th, 2021

I agree with Duke of Qin that Asian Americans are disgusting slavish cucks who deserve to be discrim

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Asian Americans are disgusting slavish cucks and they deserve to be discriminated against. Tons of talented and wealthy individuals and the only organized activism they can manage is to secure token slots for some sluts in Hollywood. They get shat on by Harvard and the Ivy’s and their response is to kiss their feet and give them billions in donations. If that isn’t fucking cuck behavior, nothing else is. Instead of padding Harvard’s investments, they could pool their money to start their own damn elite schools where they aren’t gas lit by the fags in the admissions office. Seriously stop giving Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale any money and start a new school in some safe cheap location in the Midwest and staff it an all star faculty paid dirty tech money and provide guaranteed employment for graduates at your companies. It would overnight become a go to recruiting location for tech giants, allow young adults to start from secure economic footing and start early families. On a local level, can do impromptu private schools to keep kids out of the garbage public schools instead of surrending to insane local educational bureaucrats determined to fucking torture your children and the wealthier parents could provide financial aid to the poorer working class parents and give them a safe quality education at a fraction of the cost of some fancy White private school. The role of the state in the West is descending into anarcho-tyranny and is totally useless to protect your interests so you need to bypass it and forge alternate community institutions where you can organize for collective benefit and protection. This is good advice for everyone really, and not just Asians alone. As Western state-society becomes more dysfunctional overall, functional people determined to not get dragged down with it will need to rescind any loyalty to it’s institutions in lieu of institutions under their control that represent their interests.