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Why “freedom of speech” is bullshit

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I stumbled upon this on Unz Review:

I won’t comment too much, basically make some key points, put in bullet form, to make the reading easier and faster.

  • Freedom of speech is bullshit, because if you have a boss who can fire you, a social group you depend on, then you must abide by whatever norms are set by that group, or suffer some consequences.
  • Financial independence does give you more freedom of speech, because at least you won’t starve. Still, even if you’re rich, in a corporate setting or to the press there are things you can’t say without eliciting outrage that would come with some very undesirable consequences. If you piss off sufficiently powerful of a group too much, in the more extreme cases, they can even kill you or make it such that you can never live a happy life. Or they can go after your children and make it such that they are deprived of career opportunities and thereby economic income.
  • Social norms/political correctness are the byproduct of cultural and social forces over a long period of time. It takes political power and time to change social and political norms/perceptions.
  • As an individual, almost always there’s not much you can do but make an infinitesimal impact. By yourself, the effect is negligible, but this combined over a large number of people can have some real effect. Of course, a powerful individual with social and economic capital can make a much larger impact; still he depends on having people to do actually do the work for him, one rich person can fund a lot but he can’t actually do all by himself. And even after funding, making sure that the people under him are actually doing what he wants them to do is often not a trivial task, or even a pain in the neck.
  • More censoring on Facebook is a natural product of diminished media and political power of Zionist America on the international stage. Ten, twenty years ago, America was much more powerful than now relative to the rest of the world, and so what America said was more authoritative as there was more to fear from America. Nowadays, more people are shaking their heads and chuckling at the American facade, and it is much more politically acceptable to do so.
  • “Freedom of speech” in English is more or less a euphemism for Anglo-Zionist media power. Before, when the Anglo-Zionists possessed disproportionate media power internationally, more of the actual freedom of speech was to their favor. So China (and some other countries) took sharp measures to shut out some Anglo media forces at home when her position there was rather disadvantageous. It’s a form of self-protection from one’s weaknesses that every individual, every organization, every country does to some extent for personal interest or survival.
  • Jews control/run most of the major media outlets in America despite being a very small percentage of the population. They want to persist this to maintain their own status, position, and privilege. One can even say they are trying to systematically extinguish any hope of ending this status quo. But by taking it too far, they increase the risk that someday, they might end up losing everything, perhaps even their own race.
  • As a Chinese with a PRC family background, I have much more freedom of speech in many ways than would a white American, with a friend of mine coming to mind. If my speech goes too far such that I can no longer work in America, I can always have a career and children in China. This would not apply to most of my white friends. Because Chinese don’t and can’t have any status in America, there is not much for me to lose. Being labeled an anti-Semite is dangerous in America. In China, there is not the same problem. (Note that this would not apply though to a Chinese raised in America without the Chinese language and cultural fluency. By putting in too much trying to “prove themselves” to America and Americans, under the influence of parents and peers, many of those America raised Chinese ethnically cleansed themselves in the process and deprived themselves of a chance in their ancestral homeland, and by doing so, they mostly hurt themselves.)
  • If you’re really angry about censorship on these Anglo-Zionist media platforms, use some Russian platforms like vKontakte, Mail.Ru, Yandex, or LiveJournal, or the less internationalization friendly Chinese ones. That does more than complaining about something unlikely to change in the near future. Keep in mind that there are Jews like Yuri Milner with big stakes in those Russian platforms as well, but because it’s Russia, their power there is much more curbed. Ex Soviet Red Army officer Andrei Martynov has written, “Jews changed America, Russia changed Jews.”
  • As for more general advice on how to manage these censorship and political correctness frustrations, conform and swallow one’s pride to the extent that one has to in order to get by career wise and minimize personal risk, with a focus on doing whatever one can to work around and influence the limitations of one’s environment. That’s all one can do, and what I have been pretty much all my life. More economic and social capital accumulated over time has enabled me to go more on the positive side the past few years, and I expect that trend to continue. I am obviously doing what I can to change the political narrative more in favor of myself and the group I’m affiliated with, though I also believe that’s actually very beneficial for the world at large, because the Anglo-Zionist narrative has some glaring holes I like to poke on and make fun of concocted mostly for malicious purpose.
  • Propaganda wise, sometimes you have to lie, especially to cover up your defect, but better to actually be competent and reasonable so that you can base your propaganda more on actual objective fact that would be very hard to fake. Not only is it more convincing, there is also less psychological burden on yourself. Going beyond one’s limits, lying too far might get you stuff in the short run, but over the long run, it can come with some disastrous consequences.
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