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Uber IPOed lately. I saw that Kalanick’s girlfriend is this Angie You, so another WMAF. And Alan Eustace this SVP at Google who joined in early 2000s or maybe even 1999 has some Eustace-Kwan Foundation. There was also that Sergei Brin-Amanda Rosenberg affair, and Rosenberg is the product of some Jewish-Chinese relationship in Hong Kong.

I once looked up the VPs at Facebook and the ones of Chinese descent were mostly if not almost all female. Starts from the top with Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan.

As for Google, I vaguely recalling reading that Eric Schmidt also once dated some Vietnamese concert pianist or something like that.

Not to mention I’m also reminded of that Amy Chua who is married some Jewish law professor at Yale. Her tiger mother book certainly didn’t help with positive publicity of Chinese in America.

All this is of course quite irrelevant and absent from the lives of the actual Chinese in China. As far as I know, most people are not aware, and they don’t care either, because it doesn’t affect them at all.

I do ask myself what makes such a phenomenon so pronounced even at the top of corporate America. I know that some people have criticized Google and Facebook for aggressively promoting this phenomenon in their advertisements, etc.

The more cynical might regard this as some form of subconscious or even largely intentional attempt at ethnic cleansing.

Perhaps, Chinese in America are mostly viewed as tools for their genocide agenda by the American ruling class? And they know that genocide is often most easily carried out by promoting intra-group division, along gender lines, along cultural lines, and along political lines.

The native Chinese in China don’t really give a fuck about Chinese in America, especially those who are not culturally Chinese, who don’t know the language well, who in most cases don’t have citizenship either, which means they can be regarded as having nothing to do with China. The ones who have immigrated, especially if they’ve raised Americanized kids there, are increasingly viewed with suspicion.

Chinese censorship is largely targeted against the Chinese language media products of the non-PRC Chinese and their supporters, such as this WMAF stuff. Speaking of which, there was some Taiwan Assurance Act passed just this week (which I learned of from this native Chinese female), and it’s fair to regard all this much as a legacy of the civil war. If not for America’s support for Taiwan, the regime there would have been gone long ago. Since for now, PRC is still unable to physically wipe out that regime, they do what they can, which is to assimilate those from that other side who can be assimilated and then wipe out from the media at home practically all content originating from the rest. The longer this holds on, the deeper the division, and the harder it will be for a Chinese with American background to integrate into the homeland.

Some of the more nationalistic people in China might even prefer to have those non-PRC and anti-PRC Chinese wiped off the face of the earth. Basically, to them, whatever they do, they are a political liability, a pain in the neck, an instigator of political division, for the group at large. As an example, this Chinese mathematician on Zhihu disdained Terence Tao, characterizing his mathematics as technical, clever, but soulless and not terribly original and in addition to that spiting him for his combination of personal traits involving but not limited to: his family background, his marriage with some not very attractive Korean, his conformity to negative Anglo nerd stereotypes of Chinese, his not knowing the Chinese language. I used to be more moderate and apolitical, but the way things are going right now, I am increasingly sympathetic to this point of view.

Those who want to escape, who do not want a scarlet letter, especially one not of their own choosing, are welcome to consult me on this matter. I will do what I can to help, but I also expect the other side to be unusually proactive, especially in learning the language. I know it’s not easy and that in America, there are certain social pressures. Treat those as something you live with because you have to, and be as aggressive and non-conformist as you can get away with to work around those constraints, with the aim of eventually getting out.

Finally, I shall say that ironically, or not, it may be that the white Americans who I have the easiest time getting along with are of the right-wing, “race realist” or even white supremacist nature. Arguably my best white friend in America was very much in that category. We could actually talk honestly about the ongoing perversion or even destruction of Western civilization right now promulgated by the liberal (pseudo) left. So, there might actually be something in common between the alt-right and the Chinese communist conservative. Those white American liberals might be superficially nice, but that’s all superficial. It’s practically impossible to develop any substantial, sustainable relationship with them, and to try to discuss any actual consequential matter honestly or non-trivially with them may well lead to some emotional outburst from the other side before it goes anywhere. The best judge of racism or alliance or trust is substantial concrete action tested over time that is impossible to fake or lie about, not the superficial appearances.

P.S. I find targeting English language audience through this WordPress channel increasingly a waste of breath. I mostly use it to encourage people to broaden their horizons a bit. I started a LiveJournal and some of my earlier blog posts are being copied over at the moment, with some new blog posts on there as well, and more to come. Hope to make some friends on there.

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