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Yesterday I talked more with that Chinese Chinese girl about the topic that I would have a hard time talking about in America, the one on looks, sex culture, sexuality, film, that kind of thing. I had written on here that I find Anglo women rather low on the attractiveness scale here. German/Nordic women are higher and so are Slavic women, and I’ve told her and someone else about that as well. She thinks that the experience growing up in America for East Asians is quite sexually repressive, though she grew up in China, and also on the relative absence of Asian-Americans in media.

I did grow up in America as an EA male, and I’ll give a few remarks on that. It is generally rather awkward to talk about women and sex related topics as an EA male in the white dominated American environment. If you do, chances are people will look at you funny. The media and overall environment, after all, characterizes EA males as sexually null nerds. I was certainly quite nerdy (more in the negative way, like incredibly socially awkward) up through college. I did study math and CS after all, and I didn’t have much of a “social life,” not that I really cared too much about that. I really could care less about all the white people dating culture in America, it’s generally pretty trashy and not much point in getting directly involved in that, at least for me.

However, I have seen all those model advertisements (mostly of whites since it’s America) and I have had my thoughts on that, which I mostly kept to myself. I know about the film and fashion industry being widely seen as “racist” and “classist” and all about white privilege, and I don’t feel much need to comment on that more. If you want to know more about what I think there, you can go read

But it did occur to me to start a compilation of model/actress videos, categorized by ethnicity. If you want to see it, click the link below.

There was also another native Chinese girl telling me about her disgust with the plot of some Disney movie which she described as centered on some white man’s love affair with a Native-American princess (after all the men were killed). She said she never actually watched it, and it might have been well-made, but the plot itself was sufficiently disgusting.

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