Sheng Li (gmachine1729) wrote,
Sheng Li

Might be making this site private some time soon

Originally published at 狗和留美者不得入内. You can comment here or there.

I haven’t written as much lately, no longer as enthusiastic about that as before, and also don’t have as much time or need for that anymore. Thank to you all my readers for indirectly supporting me with your page views. I am happy to have influenced you to some extent, hopefully positively.

I am doing quite well but for personal reasons I might be making this private for a while. Don’t worry about me. There is nothing wrong and quite on the contrary, I am in some sense at the peak of my life right now and I only expect things to become much better. Those of you who still want to be able to access all that I’ve accumulated here, you’re going to have to request it through a WordPress account.

Again thank you to all my readers. You’re also welcome to copy and disseminate my writings so long as you reference the original.

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