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More evidence that Jack Ma really is in trouble

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Duke of Qin has written very lowly of SCMP calling it a hanjian newspaper. It is actually blocked in China. And if I remember correctly Alibaba actually bought it.

Based on what I’ve seen, people who write on it tend to be those close with America and often are Chinese-Americans. It is based in Hong Kong I believe?

There are signs that Jack Ma is being marginalized within Alibaba. He is no longer CEO and likely doesn’t influence the decisions all that much despite his major economic stake in it.

I was told by someone from 体制内 background that many Chinese government people want to screw him over and they may well be in the process of doing so. It will take time of course.

As for the reasons, he has some unwanted association with more or less blacklisted foreign media and NGOs, and he met with political leaders like Trump of America way too much, that being the domain of those in the Chinese government as opposed to of private sector businessmen like him. More generally he has gone out of his way to build an empire for himself beyond what the government people view as acceptable and in the process he stole the cake of many smaller retailers as well. There is also that he is visibly not that smart or competent but he knows how to talk and sell himself in certain contexts, especially with his English skills.

That person told me something as extreme as Jack Ma going to end up in jail by 2025, now that’s a pretty extreme statement that’s initially hard to believe. But looking at the political climate and trend in China right now that might well be the case.

That the American media keeps going “Jack Ma Jack Ma Jack Ma” with that tone of superficial cool does indicate that it’s very unlikely that Jack Ma is on really good terms with those in China who actually wield real political power. I’ve mentioned how Huawei’s founder 任正非 doesn’t ever go status whore with Silicon Valley billionaires, and before Huawei, which he founded in his 40s, he was a telecommunications engineer in the PLA for 15 years. He’s in some sense “too good” to engage in the shit that Jack Ma and Richard Liu do.

America makes quite some money off Alibaba JD Baidu Tencent which are all listed on US stock exchange. But Huawei despite being larger and more influential than all of them is not going public especially on US stock exchange. At most it will list on some Chinese stock exchange and likely not even that.

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