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Why native Chinese girls are 1000x better

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I now chat with at least two (native Chinese girls), one of whom is a mother of two, a fair bit. Unlike with females I encounter in America, I can talk with them pretty honestly and openly about race, sex, culture, etc. I was just talking with one of them, and I thought it’s worthwhile to record some of what we said. There’s quite a lot, so expect what you see here to be far from inclusive.

I told her about ChinaSuperpower, in particular his thesis that the Anglo elite/mainstream is out for genocide against East Asians. They do it quite aggressively through the media and Hollywood, and trust me, I’ve seen enough racist Hollywood movies, with the one coming to mind during our discussion The Interview, which was on assassinating Kim Jong-Un and involved subverting some sex object like North Korean girl towards that.

I said that if the Anglo elites could, they totally would commit genocide against East Asians, and Russians/Slavics too. Obviously, blacks, Muslims, and Indians are not liked in the Anglo world, but the Anglo elites don’t really seriously care about them as much because they are no real threat to Anglo hegemony, more of an annoyance. On the other hand, you have a lot of big, tall, macho, highly competent Russian men with a base in a country still extremely powerful despite the calamity following the disintegration of the USSR, in which they lost like 10% of their population. I’ve heard that in the UK, those guys, who take many of the STEM jobs, trigger a lot of insecurity in the Brits. As for the Chinese, this need not really be explained, just look at the recent Huawei incident for example.

I mentioned how ChinaSuperpower was somewhat emphatic on the Russians/East Europeans having some Asian blood due to the Mongol invasions. Yes, some of Genghis Khan’s descendants were actually directly physically involved in conquering Kievan Rus’, and I bet they killed a lot of the men and forced a lot of the hot Russian women to make babies for them. So when I see Russians, I notice that they are white, but they also has some Asian/Mongoloid facial features.

That girl thinks that the Asians selected for the Ivies and Hollywood in America are not that attractive and wonders if there’s something going on. No comment on the Ivies. As for Hollywood, I don’t pay much attention to it. But I know it is very racist, and essentially the premier media outlet for promotion of white supremacy/white privilege/Anglo hegemony.

I asked her what she thought of all those blonde women promoted by Hollywood. She said that they are quite attractive, but also perhaps American males are a bit brainwashed to favor blondes? As for blondes, I did mention the legacy of Nazism. I also told her that I had watched the Nazi movie Jud Süß the plot of which I basically don’t remember. I do remember that some Swedish actress acted in it a Gentile woman who the Jews managed to swindle, and to exact revenge, they at the end killed some evil money-grubbing Jew in the court behind the whole plot.

I “plead guilty” to, while in America, looking into content involving some white Hollywood actresses for my own sexual entertainment, and of course, many of them were blonde. I don’t think there’s anything wrong or anything to be ashamed for that. As ChinaSuperpower says, one ought to distinguish between the core and superficial attributes. According to him, a Chinese in China loyal to Xi Jinping and the Party, works for Chinese companies and pays taxes to the Chinese government who shops occasionally at a place using whites in their advertising is definitely not white worshipping. He is, unlike the diaspora, secure enough about this wokeness, his identity, that there is no (psychological) need for him to make a big deal about some white girl wearing a Chinese dress at a prom.

As you might expect, I would never actually pursue a serious relationship with that type of girl I might look into a bit when too tired to do anything else. Mostly because the personality, the values, the racial background, the class background are too far apart for it to be sustainable, not to mention that I would find the experience to be miserable/boring anyway. I also wouldn’t want to waste my time with an ethnic Chinese-American girl, unless she proves herself especially different from what is expected from such a background.

I also recall discussing with her East Europeans/Russians in America. My observation is that the attitude towards them by the corporate bosses is largely one of “you’re really smart and competent, so we’ll give you some interesting, difficult work to keep you busy and intellectually stimulated, but (keeping that to themselves) no way we’ll give them any position of power within the company.” It’s similar to the Asian treatment and she suggested that might be why there is relatively more chemistry between the two groups.

I basically told her 100% openly about what I believe the Anglo elites (she finds Brits super annoying by the way) secretly fantasize about. Vis-a-vis the East, they pretty much want them conquered. Somewhat similar to in the European conquest of North America, they want to culturally tame the East with Christianity and liberal values and cultivate a Christian, superficially Western Chinese elite to rule over and exploit the Chinese masses on their behalf. That’s roughly the strategy behind their whole genocide agenda. Ever since their lackeys got kicked out to Taiwan, that strategy hasn’t worked very well. They’ve tried making trouble in Hong Kong, Tibet, etc all without much success.

There is also of course the sexual subversion strategy where you encourage some attractive Chinese girls from well-off backgrounds to sleep with white men. Hollywood has been running that for too long. On this I have in mind the rather positive American attitude towards Chiang Kai-shek’s wife.

She said something also along the lines of what ChinaSuperpower said, which is that the Anglo world only accepts East Asians as coolies or sex slaves. On that, to be fair, you can still regard an engineer or quant making 500k a year but creating much more economic value for the company as a coolie.

She said she has a rather low opinion of Korean girls in US, who she has observed to be more white worshipping than Chinese ones. No comment on that. I did say that I’ve observed in Koreans a deeply insecure attitude, with their having been squeezed in between larger powers historically, traditionally China and Japan, with US and Russia entering in modern times. I pretty openly said that South Korea is basically a US colony, and there are, or at least have been, American soldiers molesting Korean girls there with virtual impunity.

I told her about how ChinaSuperpower had written that the Chinese right is white/West worshipping and will sell out the country for their own profit, while the Chinese left dislikes or even despises the West and intends to defeat it in a military showdown.

I also told her that many of the people from Hong Kong I’ve encountered in America are basically shit and many of them took refuge in Vancouver, BC, Canada after it was decided that the Hong Kong would go back to PRC. I believe ChinaSuperpower grew up in Vancouver, and judging from that, his experience must have been utterly miserable, being surrounded by those people. That girl said to me that many of those Hong Kong people are basically like mentally sick.

She also knows of Stockholm syndrome the psychological condition wherein the oppressed and downtrodden feel attachment to and even openly defend the abuser. I’ll say that if you’ve managed to induce Stockholm syndrome in someone, then you’ve successfully conquered her (pardon my sexism). This is what we see when those idiots in Hong Kong hold up signs with “Chinese colonists get out!”

I told her about seeing Prince William and Kate Middleton flying to the little Pacific island of Tuvalu on their private jet to be carried on a sedan chair there by those dark skinned natives. I bet for them, it was basically master-slave imperial race play that they are inherently entitled to, that they have the luxury to indulge in pretty much any time.


If I remember correctly, I saw some sarcastic remarks online pertaining to this.

Obviously during colonialism, the Brits did the same to the Indians and the Chinese, and that has been shown or acted in film too. Not to mention the looting of the Summer Palace in 1860 or so, the Brits also stole the Egyptian mummies for their British museum. They continued to demean the same group through media/film following WWII by having an upper class British-American who later converted to Judaism-Zionism to act as Cleopatra.

I told her that I’ve certainly seen some super racist Western novels/films, like Out of Africa and Gone With the Wind basically whites openly abusing blacks. But nowadays, you have some white liberals favoring blacks in order to make life harder for Asians and assuage their white guilt at the same time, as we’ve seen in the whole Harvard college admissions bias news lately.

But then, because the Brits (and neither do the Jews) don’t have numbers, they have to cultivate lackeys/proxies to rule and destroy. I remember Duke of Qin wrote online that 1 Brit ruling 20 Indians in India is not really sustainable. There is also that some Russian tenured professor in STEM wrote that to the West, the Ukrainians are merely tools in their campaign against Russia. In other words, the West would eagerly sacrifice Ukrainian lives in exchange for damage to Russia. I was basically openly saying this to that girl, because all this is too obvious to me, and I believe those of Chinese descent ought to be more aware and not let their guard down too much. If the Anglos could, they’d do the same to you too.

I echoed more of what ChinaSuperpower said about Hollywood/media portrayal of East Asians in the West. At best, a Chinese male is a hardworking, competent engineer who creates a ton of value and makes a good but nothing terribly spectacular career for himself and is content with it. Be more derogatory and he’s some creepy awkward nerd with poor communication skills, or in some cases, a real coolie, like the ones who physically built the railroads in 19th century in America. Sexual racism wise, Jewish run Hollywood cannot show that an Asian man can even touch a woman. Speaking of which, at best, a Chinese female is a racially self-hating, white-worshipping woman sexually submissive to white men. That’s already quite derogatory, but perhaps all those images of Asian woman abused in nail salons serving rich white women are much more.

Since the title of this is about how native Chinese girls are so much better, I’ll comment more on the attractiveness of women of various ethnicities, including mine. There is much more purity in them. In contrast, that girl I talk to thinks that Hollywood white actresses are getting uglier and uglier. They may be beautiful and sexy but it’s of a rather superficial nature. Anglo women are just not that attractive, I’m afraid. German/Nordic women are much better. Slavic women are too, and they have much better taste.

Just look at the girl in the video below.

As for native Chinese girls, I’ll provide a few photos.


I was absolutely captivated too by her acting in a TV series I watched but haven’t finished. She is 1000x better than the Asian-American female garbage we see in Hollywood, in the likes of “Constance Wu,” a name I learned of this year but care not to look into because it’s a virtual guarantee that she’s relative garbage in both looks and personality.

While it’s rather unlikely that I end up dating or even marrying a super attractive girl who acts for Chinese red films, it’s certainly not impossible.

ChinaSuperpower has written that native Chinese girls are rarely interested in white men, the anti-thesis of what we see in Asian-American females. I would only expect that to be more true of women who act and perform for that certain genre of media in China that a rare combination of folk and refined.

As in

Artistically and aesthetically, the Chinese and Russian cultures are way above the Anglo world, not even in the same league. I told that girl that ex-Soviet Red Army officer Andrei Martyanov had written, “Jews changed America, Russia changed Jews.” Why? Because English language and America are culturally quite weak. Russian language is much harder and richer than the English one, highly inflectional grammar with like 20 different cases plus many more idioms.

As for the Chinese one, I’ll only say that many Chinese think English literature/poetry is basically crap compared to their native one. We have a much higher language/cultural barrier. We are better able to defend ourselves. Unlike the Anglo world and culture that is now being overwhelmed, bastardized, and destroyed by an immi-vasion of a nature that would never happen in our own country.

To be more narcissistic, with reference to myself, I also wrote to the other girl I talk to something of the likes, “If you’re capable, then you tame your immigrants, and their descendants. If you’re not, then you must deal with their ‘cultural pollution’ and bear responsibility for it.”

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