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Duke of Qin on Chinese Communist Party being anti-liberal filter

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The Chinese Communist Party as an anti-liberal filtering mechanism. An interesting quirk of the Party is that it locks out potential liberal infiltrators from any real power. Most countries are not particularly sovereign in any real sense of the word because their elites are fundamentally liberal creatures, having been processed through the American educational-imperial complex to think like Americans. An Ivy league education serves as an imprimatur to elite status in most places, even in China, or arguably especially in China because of long established educational credentialism. Yet in spite of social power, unlike elsewhere, this doesn’t translate into political power (see Taiwan). Americans operate under the assumption that it is Chinese elites they are educating, when in reality they are ex-elites. Xi Jinping’s daughter will never hold any political power in China, nor will Bo Xilai’s son, nor will any apparatchiks kid who went to Harvard. The Party simply distrusts them and won’t place them in a decision role. They can be wealthy, but they will never have a true say. Liberals call this phenomenon as power uncertainty, as if the this somehow reflected a flaw in the system. To the contrary, I argue this system prevents the formation of political dynasties and serves as an immune reaction, cutting away the infected flesh as it were. The only foreign educated member of the Politburo standing committee went to Kim Il Sung University. That pretty much says it all. Those who came of age in the 80s who had the opportunity to study in the West are noticeably absent among the Party ruling elements, unlike post Cold War Eastern Europe which is rife with American creatures. The very privileges that power seeks to perpetuate on it’s progeny, special private schools, followed by Western education dissociates itself with the mainstream of Chinese society. It also inadvertently cuts itself off from how power and decision making is allocated by the Party itself. Ironically, a Leninist Party state will select for more representative leadership than any Democracy because power is limited to Party members rather than being diffused out into nothingness with universal suffrage.

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