Sheng Li (gmachine1729) wrote,
Sheng Li

Советские песни (Soviet songs)

Soviet music is one of my favorite genres. Some of these songs were written by some of the best composers of the Soviet Union, like Isaac Dunayevsky and Matvei Blanter. I do listen to say, Taylor Swift, occasionally, but to be honest, these Soviet songs are much more refined. It's a pity that my generation, especially in America, has been culturally intoxicated with so much trashy music.

As you can see, each of these comes with a link to its music video, generally the one among several that I find best. For guaranteed lyrics and a much more comprehensive list, see As you might have guessed, I only put here songs which I've verified to be of high quality, which tend to also be among the more famous. So as to not dilute those of the highest quality, I will asterisk (*) the ones I find especially beautiful and of high artistic merit, taking into account its level of fame/popularity but not fully, as I want my personal taste to be reflected as well. Last but not least, much appreciation to 薛范 (Xuē Fàn), music professor in Shanghai, for translating the lyrics of many of these to Chinese so well that they are widely sung and propagated across China. Not only that, he made beautiful music videos, often with classic footage, for many of these, with both Russian and Chinese subtitles.

Below are the embedded YouTube videos of these songs. To navigate to it, you can search the song's name in your browser.


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