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I’ve noticed that many Russians don’t look that white or at the very least they are only superficially so. Their facial structure and also texture of skin has some Mongoloid features such as flat face and nose. This can be traced to Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun. Maybe that Russians have some paternal line Mongoloid blood is major reason why Westerners don’t accept them and even want genocide against them. And Lenin’s paternal grandmother is a full Mongol and the Mongol features dominated his appearance.

Mongoloids and Caucasoids diverged about 40000 years ago. The winters during ice age were colder in Northeast Asia but there was more sun, in comparison to Western Europe so evolved the separate Mongoloid race and the Native Americans are actually their descendants. But the Spaniards and especially the Anglos eventually killed them off. More reason for Chinese to be wary of America and more convinced am I that Chinese who immigrate to America are idiots or mentally sick or ethically challenged people facing genocide. From my observations there are the malicious intentional collaborators to towards the genocide agenda and then there are the weak minded ones who are asleep or complicit and a minority of people like me who often didn’t end up there by choice or are there to get something out of America temporarily with intention of returning. I read about how the Pilgrims used some native American slave trafficked to Europe who learned English there who later returned to assist them with their genocide agenda and this is a parallel to many of those Ivy League educated comprador Chinese during the modern era. Good thing that the ones who came of age after Mao era CPC didn’t let into positions of power.

It’s interesting how the territory of the socialist camp during the Cold War much parallels the territory of Mongol empire. I feel like Mongoloids are simply very different in our world view and faith and there is a certainly a strong genetic component. When you have to cooperate to hunt big game during the cold winters in the ice age to survive you simply have to be more red pilled and direct, which connects to not having some imagined “God,” in line with the whole materialist view of socialism and Leninist government.

Being in China and having been to the Altai mountains in Xinjiang I feel closer with central Asia and the Muslim world. I learned about Timur founder of Timurid Empire which conquered Persia eventually and also his descendant Babur founder of Mughal Empire that spanned from around Uzbekistan to parts of South India, they were Turkicized Mongols. Apparently Stalin had Timur’s tomb excavated a few days before Great Patriotic War started. I feel like China’s relation with Muslims is not bad and in particular China and Pakistan have an alliance that parallels the US Israeli one. There was much interaction with them historically and it helps that Muslims in central Asia and middle East often have many East Asian physical features that is much an artifact of Huns and Mongols. It’s the Jews Hindus and Anglo Christians that are most hostile to Chinese.

I also wonder how Russians feel about losing Alaska to the Anglos. That’s really quite sad. Maybe eventually Russians (or Chinese) can retake the place. In any case I feel like Russians Chinese and Native Americans (all groups which the Anglo-Zions seek to ethnically cleanse) are natural allies. The Russian-Chinese connection is not just socialism and Lenin it goes as far back as Mongols which is reflected in Lenin’s ancestry. And Native Americans are really former Siberians who were first to settle in America but were later dispossessed.

And I recognize that English is the only way I can communicate with you and other Russians. My Russian I can only read it and understand parts of it and sometimes most or almost all of it. As for learning and using English there is a major difference between doing so to get stuff out of the Anglo world and doing so to be ruled and manipulated by Anglos. The Anglos in America essentially forced some Native Americans into Christian English culture in order to use them. And also the women tended to be more receptive just as how right now there is a deliberate American policy of trying to subvert Chinese females. Like, my mom’s college classmate married an old US southerner who manipulated her into evangelical Christianity to the extent that she is obsessed with prayers and even goes on mission trips to Indian reservations. So I think English education ought to be minimized in China and political/cultural English content ought to be shut out too. China has walled off English Wikipedia and Reddit and Quora too. Chinese is too different to ever become big in the outside world but Russian is not being Latin based and I think maybe China when the time is ripe could even switch from English to Russian for internationalization purposes. Let the foreigners/tourists in China adapt to us instead.


  • 楚瓦什族(Chuvash)
    • 人口1,500,000,主要在楚瓦什共和国
    • 属于突厥
  • 瓦剌族(Oirats)
    • 人口638,372,分布在新疆,外蒙古,和卡尔梅克共和国
    • 属于蒙古,包含卡尔梅克(Kalmyks)
  • 布里亚特族(Buryats)
    • 人口525,000,主要在布里亚特共和国
    • 属于蒙古
  • 雅库特族(Yakuts)
    • 人口500,000–600,000,主要在萨哈共和国
    • 属于蒙古
  • 图瓦族(Tuvans)
    • 人口300,000,主要在图瓦共和国
    • 属于突厥,但也受了不少蒙古影响
  • 锡伯族(Xibe)
    • 人口172,900,主要在新疆,吉林,辽宁
    • 属于通古斯
  • 鄂温克族(Evenks)
    • 人口69,856,大多在萨哈共和国,中国内蒙也有
    • 属于通古斯
  • 汉特族(Khanti)
    • 热口31,000,主要在汉特-曼西自治区
    • 属于乌拉尔语系芬兰乌戈尔语族,跟匈牙利和芬兰一样
  • 楚科奇族(Chukchi)
    • 人口15,949,主要在楚科奇自治区
    • 属于楚科奇语系
  • 尤卡吉尔族
    • 人口1600
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