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Native Chinese are WOKE with respect to the Jews

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I’m going to take a little time to document some chat I had with native Chinese colleagues in English, with the intention of delivering some message to English readers and also of taking some notes for the record before I forget.

I was surprised when this guy spoke of Jews as the pioneers of terrorism in the form of suicide bombing. He was aware that they did that during their war for the founding of Israel in the late 40s. In particular I am aware they did this to mediating British diplomats as well who they were dissatisfied with. I only learned of this last year, reading online in English and also from the blog of a Chinese professor in Chinese.

That guy was like, “everybody hates Jews.” On my mentioning of their control of media in America where he’s spent time he was like, “everybody knows that.” When I responded with “you think Americans do too?”, he was like “no Americans don’t Americans are stupid.”

This other guy was also aware of Israeli “terrorist” acts in their war for founding of Israel. I asked him how he learned of that and he said through reading. He in particular said he has read the Old Testament.

I told them about Ron Unz’s piece on how he suspects Meng Wanzhou’s kidnapping and extradition was pretty much ordered by Zionist billionaire Sheldon Adelson who I believe also funds Birthright Israel, along with Unz’s background. Additionally there is that the Jews attempted in the 30s to create a settlement for themselves in Manchuria and that it didn’t come to fruition much because of Japanese alliance with Nazis.

Also I mentioned Bobby Fischer.

Update: the same guy is well aware of Hollywood and US media’s campaign to demean East Asian men while portraying the women as cute and white worshipping. He’s well aware that East Asian men are the most disliked by mainstream America.

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