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Disqus search unstable

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After seeing that it was being unresponsive, I logged into my AWS and restarted the damn thing and it worked again, but still it’s not giving back all 4000+ comments of BobSykes or 3000+ of Gantal, etc. Instead we only get like 279 or 60. Same for the other endpoint at which it’s deployed, which has not ever crashed since deployed almost four months ago, unlike AWS which I’ve had to restart twice: As for not giving back all the comments, Disqus must have changed their API.

I’m busy busy busy no time to debug this. Whoever wants to take over please contact me. I’ve put the code on Github but it’s still private which means nobody except me can see it.

And I’m also hardly ever reading English anymore unless for work and even at work I try to avoid it, which means minimal searches in English, especially on Bing or Google. Disqus is also behind the Chinese firewall. So more reason not to care about it, especially that I have more meaningful things to do now.

Whoever wants to read my blog from now on will probably have to learn Russian or Chinese (or use some online translate service).

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