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我的关于脸书工程师陈勤自杀的知乎回答 (Мой ответ на Жиху о самоубийстве инженера Фейсбука Цинь Чена) (My answer on Zhih

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忙好久没看知乎了。刚写了几个评论,在棕榈大道:Facebook 华裔员工自杀内幕揭露| 为什么他要结束自己38岁的年轻生命?



At Facebook, an American cowboy-company which is affiliated with the NSA, it was discovered that a thirty eight year-old cowboy American-lover named Qin Chen had committed suicide. The man was a graduate of Zhejiang University who fought tooth-and-nail for the privilege of getting away from his own countrymen in order to pursue the American dream and to labor and travail for the benefit of his cowboy NSA masters. Once he sold out his own soul to the Americans, the same society which routinely abuses yellow children, there was no suitable home remaining for Qin Chen besides the grave. No dog is deserving of the fate which ultimately befell him stemming from his own malfeasance and contempt for morals. The abused yellow children of America will spit on his grave. The day of judgement has arrived for Qin Chen as with all cowboys and foreign charlatans.



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