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Some quick thoughts on this NBA/China fiasco

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My prediction is NBA will simply leave China. The political pressure from American mainstream is much stronger on NBA than that of China. Another win for China really. Less American influence in the country, less money pretty much handed to America from something pretty much worthless. The time spent watching NBA can be spent doing more meaningful things. Take it further, and more Chinese in China will learn a foreign language that’s not English.

China also doesn’t like Chinese-Americans. They are classified as American. Even the Chinese citizens who grew up in China who spent significant time in America, especially if they’ve raised children there. They are increasingly persona non grata in China. When they return to China, many are given a hard time in the workplace. The reaction is one of: why doesn’t this guy just roll his ass back to America, there’s already enough competition in China, once he’s out he should be out forever. Since they left voluntarily, unlike me, they have no excuse and must bear full responsibility.

I saw Joseph Tsai’s letter to the NBA. I think it was a bit too long. Too much of the victim historical background that nobody really wants to hear. Nobody really wants to hear a Chinese-American write that shit in English, whites don’t, native Chinese don’t either.

By the way, Joseph Tsai became a billionaire from Alibaba. Jack Ma retired recently. Somebody in China I talked to about this was like: “if doesn’t get out soon, then he might have to go inside“. In case you haven’t noticed, go inside means going to jail. I have some evidence (including that SCMP which Alibaba owns is banned in China) that Jack Ma has sufficiently pissed off enough people in China with actual political power, who want him disposed of. It has a lot to do with his acting very American.

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