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Thanks to Jesse Zhang (who I learned is a 2x MOSPer + Harvard CS 18 + interned at Google and Citadel) for making this very straightforward for me by writing and publishing the following document, which I easily found:

I saw that he founded, a YC backed startup, which he advertised in that. Michael O Church hates YC and Paul Graham for classism, ageism, sexism, promoting founder-engineer divide, etc. I won’t really comment on that, have too little experience with them, but I guess I would naturally be suspicious of them.

On that, I do know of this guy (an ABC male) with academic credentials about as high as you can get for a 22 year old who was politically naive enough (can’t blame him really) to join a very very early stage startup (likely YC backed) as a non-founder engineer (that’s my guess, almost certain it’s the case) whose founders were Indians. It was very soon acquired by a big company but that guy left after working there for not long (perhaps under a year), and to my great surprise, he only started his next job over a year after.

I’m old enough and have seen enough to not be surprised by stuff like this anymore. That’s kind of how Silicon Valley works nowadays. It’s often more about connections/credentials/social proof than about technical ability, and as for credentials, the Silicon Valley elite doesn’t give a damn about MOSP/IMO/IOI. Plenty of such people only working as average engineers there.

Now, clicking should give you HTTPS, you’ll no longer get something like “Not Secure” in your browser (I did on Chrome and Safari).

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