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Google Translate blacked out on my site

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I use WordPress for it. I had installed a Google Translate plugin. But when I loaded it from a China IP address, I saw in my browser a request to blocked. That Google Translate module couldn’t load. Similar happens on many other US sites, including Unz Review, and blogspot (owned by Google I believe) is plain blocked in China. I believe Google Analytics has a request made on the client side, which means there might be some trouble logging China visits through that.

So I guess if you want your site to be more functional across the entire world, you should probably boycott Google and its subsidiaries? I have imagined a scenario where in diplomacy China provides a small country some benefit in exchange for their shutting out Google. That really could happen. In a decade’s time, China could really have the leverage to pull that off.

Now I pretty much only use Google’s services when it would be really inconvenient not to and that’s not very often.

I recently wrote to a STEM PhD student in US from China that 谷歌是个犹太人的反华大阵营. Translated to English, it says “Google is basically a big Jewish anti-China base.” He asked me why and I told him the obvious, linking to

Since Jews shut out Chinese from any positive portrayal in the US media, the Chinese in return shut out the big Jewish run internet sites from China. Someone I met in China told me that a guy in his 50s rather established with Chinese government ties had once said that Google hires and promotes a ton of anti-communist Chinese to engage in subversion operations. The mainland Chinese engineers there (who have pretty low status/position there collectively), some of whom I know, have to put on a certain political stance (or at least keep entirely silent and apolitical) to have a real chance at the company. The ones who manage to succeed there are probably disproportionately liberal morons.

I’m also not very happy with WordPress, I’m paying them a monthly fee for their business plan, and they’re now using me to earn advertising revenue, after my hit count surpassed a measly 30,000 after two years of this blog. All the more reason to boycott US internet companies. The Chinese platforms actually let the content creators earn serious advertising revenue from what I’ve heard.


2019-05-04 下午4.45.45

I replaced Google Translate with Yandex Translate, confirmed it works with China IP address. Because it’s Russia, Yandex is not actually blocked anywhere, though it would be funny if the US eventually blocks that under some trumped up charge of Russian internet interference. But then, America might have more trouble attracting more brilliant and prolific Russians to create value for America so that America can eventually discriminate against their kids too… not to mention that I was just recently told of a case of a brilliant Russian forced out of a biotech company he founded by some mediocre but connected American MBAs.
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