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On Americanized Chinese females and colonialism

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My general impression has been that Chinese females are generally much more susceptible to American culture than Chinese males. I was talking about this with a friend and his characterization of them was as follows

a lot of them are really stupid
there are some good ones

I asked him what kind of stupid, and he was like

mentally weak
absorb the dominant ideology without thinking

This is of course consistent with higher conformism and group think in females. My observation has been that even many of the ones who did up through high school or even college in China get pressured/tricked into this.

Through family, I know of a woman college-educated who after marrying some old white conservative man became an evangelical Christian obsessed with prayers, and even went as far as to go on mission trips to Indian reservations. This is just absolutely gross, that Chinese women in the West can be converted into willing accomplices for arguably the worst part of Christianity, the part where it is forcibly put upon those already mercilessly conquered and ethnically cleansed. 共产党快把这类人屠杀好不好啊,饶不了他们在中国的家属。

The way those churches bait poor and lonely students on campuses with food is disgusting. They love to target poor new immigrants without community. And they’re so aggressive in the way they go about it.

By the way, my observation has been that Chinese are by nature very atheist and materialist in their view of the world, and in a poll, 61% of Chinese in China identified as atheist. So naturally, Chinese are also very receptive to HBD and IQ.

Now, many Christians get super emotional when they see a non-believer. As kids I’m sure we’ve all instinctively felt that way when met with some faith very different from ours. The thing is some people grow out of that much more than others, eventually learning to rationalize differences in others in their belief systems. They remove to some degree the psychological blind that is what they wish things were that arises from a more emotional impulse.

It’s amazing how effective Christianity has been historically as a motivator and justifier of conquest. Intrinsic to the religion is a deeply engrained missionary culture, a conviction that God gave some groups of people not just the right but the duty to conquer and colonize in order to spread it to liberate savages devoid of the faith. Speaking of which, the Chinese government is for the most part hostile to Christianity based much on historical experience. It’s symbolic of white, Western conquest of China over China’s so called century of humiliation. After the British easily won the Opium Wars with their modern military technology, among the stipulations with in the resulting unequal treaties was the right for missionaries to spread their faith across China and in exchange for that favor, to live like kings. I’ll put it pretty bluntly, that full-blown conquest of one country and people by another entails the following:

  • Killing their men in a war
  • Subjugating their people
  • Raping their women (to some extent)
  • Brainwashing them with your religion and ideology
  • Cultivating a comprador upper class within the colonized country to serve your interests and do some of the dirty work of managing and subordinating for you
  • Promoting your language and culture there too

And as always, it’s frowned upon but still okay for a man from the colonizer to marry a woman from the colonized, and if a colonized man married or even had intercourse with a woman from the superior, colonizing tribe, he would literally get destroyed and that woman would be shunned for life by her own.

This phenomenon is still very much alive today in the behavior of Chinese women. Their white worship is evident from all the white male Chinese female couples out there in the West as well as their white-loving self-hating behavior in terms of cultural preferences. It’s needless to say that marrying a white man for a Chinese woman is for the most part a straightforward way up the current social ladder.

It’s also somewhat apparent that the extent of white-loving self-hating behavior of East Asian women varies for the most part consistently, monotonically based on degree of colonization of the place of origin. In mainland China, Shanghainese girls are seen as the worst. There was after all the Shanghai International Settlement, despite Shanghai’s never having been fully colonized the way Hong Kong was. And yes, Hong Kong women are almost certainly worse. As for Koreans, we all know that during the Cold War their women were basically sex objects for American GIs. There was I’m sure an element of that for Japan too, though surely, Japanese are less this way due to their stronger history. Still, in the end, they got raped by the US Army. The thing is that Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore all very much developed under America’s patronage post-war. Japan is rather different as it was already rather powerful and advanced before the war, but that doesn’t change their insecurities about being associated with the weaker, inferior race.

Now, mainland China is quite different. It was semi-colonized yes, but the Chinese communists against managed to get even militarily with the former oppressors during the Korean War from 1950-1953. She subsequently modernized rapidly much through Soviet aid and technology, with exchange with the West minimal after the United States was so butt hurt about losing to this backwards country that was led by a ruthlessly competent and formidable new regime. Moreover, the Chinese communists won their civil war with very minimal Soviet aid. There was nothing as far as I know other than the Soviets Red Army secretly transferring Harbin in Northeast China to them, which had some leftover industry and equipment from the Japanese occupation for them to use. Obviously, the current regime in China is so feared and resented by the West because it’s the only non-white that has been able to resist the West. Naturally, the political culture there is relatively very strong and independent too, as opposed to one of subordination to superior outsiders. Still, nowadays, there are plenty of girls in China who would sell out to some white loser for more money and status, and there is little that can be done to prevent that.

Face it, women are the weaker, subordinate sex. They are smaller, weaker, and less intelligent. Mother Nature made it that way, too bad. So to portray the men of the conquered, inferior race as effeminate is the natural way to culturally degrade them and their race. It’s still very much this way for East Asians, that is the reality. Can this be changed? Yes, but it will take many generations. Culture and perception does take a long time to change. There will need to be the hard power, preferably a military victory, to back it up, plus at least a generation of cultural and political education and media in the same direction. You see, centuries of colonialism has been such that inferiority to whites and the West is deeply engrained, the British and Americans have spent generations if not centuries training their lackeys in the East and promoting a culture in their favor. This is why you see Hong Kongers, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, and South Koreans show so much contempt for their counterparts in mainland China, those poor brainwashed communists. Yes, China got Hong Kong back legally and militarily but not the hearts of its people. And the agreement with the British was such that a relative degree of autonomy would remain for another 50 years. There are some people in China who are unhappy with how Deng Xiaoping dealt with the whole thing, mentioning how there is still some British and some South African on some high court in Hong Kong. Hong Kong remains culturally and politically colonized, a hotspot for CIA subversion operations. It took a lot of beatings from the British for the residents of Hong Kong to become that way, I don’t know what the Chinese communists will need to do just to reverse most of that damage. As for Taiwan and South Korea, for the perception to really change, I think China will actually need to take them by force, with economic embargo plus military occupation. Really, you can only truly reshape the world order with military occupation, as the United States and Soviet Union did respectively post WWII, with the United States grabbing a bigger share of course, despite that Soviet Union did much more of the dirty work to win that war.

In some sense, the only guaranteed solution to the problem of ideological conversion is to kill, or sterilize. That’s happened all the time throughout history. During the Crusades, those with the inclination to resist religious thought were basically wiped out of the gene pool. Similar pressures in medieval Europe. Which explains why whites have such strong religious inclination. The Chinese communists also did their killing of counterrevolutionaries after taking over. Of course, there were some who really despised that regime but sucked it up and hid it well enough that they weren’t killed, and their descendants a generation or two could continue on with their liberal anti-communist crap once the political situation permitted. In South Korea, the solution of American puppet dictator Syngman Rhee was also to simply kill anyone suspected of left-wing leanings. There were plenty of socialists in South Korea during that time. The way to deal with them of course was to kill or at least make life hard for their families, with the effect of suppressing birth of more political undesirables to consolidate the next generation’s power.

Of course, now it’s no longer anywhere near as socially acceptable to use the cold kill or imprison method. (The US and allies can still do this though to small countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and get away with it, as it is still too powerful, especially politically, that nobody else can really do anything about it.) Norms have changed, too much liberal human rights bullshit, not to mention to more to lose from actual war. Of course, economic and political pressure is still, and always will be, a viable option. Somebody wrote that the USSR lost much because it was much worse than the US at soft power, at getting others to willingly submit to them. Yes, and this has much to do with that the US was able to inherit centuries of British imperialism and colonialism, whereas the USSR was a new superpower that emerged from relative backwardness under the new socialist system they pioneered in order to survive, not to mention that in hard power it was still much weaker. Yes, soft power takes generations, even centuries to develop. The legacy of the British Empire and subsequent American post-WWII world order, and white, Western imperialism and colonialism in general, will be very hard to displace. Even when their hard power is no longer so overwhelming, cultural attitudes remain deeply entrenched, per the colossal political dependency and technological and institutional ecosystem accumulated over generations.

There is still hope though. China will have to create and promote internationally a culture in its favor, with a fuck you attitude to the West to the extent that she can get away with. You never win by abiding by somebody else’s rules. The West is naturally much advantaged in the idiotic politically liberal free for all market setting of its own creation that has effectively induced in people passive submission against their own interests and reluctance to face often unpleasant realities. China could go the opposite way of brutal state control optimizing for national interests in combination of more ethnic identity among the Chinese people. That means the state using access to its large domestic market to extort as much as they can politically and economically, taking advantage of the precedence of private corporate interest in the West. Basically, along with heavy investment on becoming self-sufficient in all advanced, strategically important technologies, telling the West that we’ll only make it easy for our people to buy your products if you give us something, technology or political favor. Tell them that if you say shit about us your companies will have a lot of profits to lose. That also means intense government directed pressure against liberal anti-communist ethnic Chinese. On this, we can see how many have already toned down such political activities for their economic expedience and benefit, just like how economic pressures from the American ruling class has worked wonders to induce the desired political correctness of expression. As this goes on, China will have to absorb more of the rest of the world into its own ecosystem, primarily targeting of course developing, formerly oppressed countries with shared historical sentiment. This means gradually establishing RMB as an alternative international reserve currency. At home, China can using its state media apparatus strengthen the no nonsense brutally capability-based nationalistic/militaristic side of its culture to encourage its people to achieve their potential in a way that benefits the national interest. On this note, I shall point out my observation that the US media loves to sway and deceive mentally weak people with fake ideological bullshit in the likes of freedom and democracy, whereas the Chinese in media discussions of political matters focus primarily on objective capability and leverage. The US is too good at culturally and systemically absorbing and manipulating, so China’s best strategy to counter it is to unapologetically go the opposite way both culturally and economically. You defeat someone by boycotting his rigged game, not by playing it.

All in all, China is still very much in what would America think mode, though recently, with China’s economic and technological strength ever more manifest, there’s been visibly more of an I don’t give a damn what you think attitude that now China easily gets away with, with the trend ever more in that direction. Just as America has used and still uses anti-communist Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan to make trouble for China, the Chinese government could, appealing to Chinese ethnic pride and identity, encourage Chinese in America, increasingly discontent with the discrimination they face there, to demand more, or at the very least, contribute to more ethnic inter-group tension in an already very racial spoils driven multiethnic society. After all, the people who win big are almost always those with a strong sense of entitlement and ambition, who dare to cross social boundaries.

I don’t think truly getting along is possible, out of realism. Powerful large ethnic groups/nations are almost always hostile to each other, especially when they are very racially and/or ideologically different. They really only cooperate when there is a more threatening common enemy.

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