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A girl from China studying abroad in America being mistreated by a Jewish landlord, consulting me

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I’m translating this from original Chinese, published here on Zhihu.

Basically the landlord keeps blaming problems in the home on her and is demanding more even after having deducted out her entire deposit and is taking advantage of her because she’s a college student from China.

My response to her was that the most her landlord can do is not give back any of her deposit, and why give any more money if the deposit is already fully deducted away, even if you just leave, he can don’t anything to you, of course, renting another place isn’t only trouble, you’ll have to pay another deposit, if you refuse to pay anything beyond the deposit, he can’t do anything to you, even if he blames stuff on you and incurs on you additional charges, you just refuse no matter what, if he take it further and finds a collective agency to demand your money, once you’re back in China, you’re basically under zero risk.

Afterwards, I told her that in America, Jews have pretty much controlled the finance, media, and legal sectors, arguably the three sectors most critical towards political power, and so very few people dare offend the Jews, and often only suffer in silence in the face of mistreatment, with even whites submitting to Jews. The positive side is that once she returns to China, she can not give a damn about what Jews think. I even told her that once she gets her degree, she can tell the landlord that after she returns to China, she will do everything she can to smear the Jewish reputation there, encourage Chinese and the Chinese government to boycott any company run by Jews, and this way, the landlord will not dare to mistreat Chinese tenants too much, because China can really make life difficult for Jews and Israel.

I suggest the Chinese in America, if able to, to stay away from Jewish bosses and Jewish landlords, and do what they can to devalue any company or institution controlled by Jews, starting from little things, like not using Gmail, not using Facebook, even if studying abroad in America, one can still use a Chinese email, not give a damn about whether American will regard you as not “democratic” enough. Towards Jews, learn to exert whatever pressure on them that you can. I also told that person to get something from something else, the most effective way is to have something that poses a real threat to them, and make them aware of it, as opposed to being polite and submissive, as in most case, being polite and submissive, especially towards people like Jews, will only make one seem meek and easy to take advantage of.

In America, Chinese are legally basically visibly second class citizens, because Chinese there don’t have any political power or influence, so the law will always be visibly disadvantaged Chinese, with even Chinese scapegoated for industrial/technology espionage on trumped up charges, there are several cases of such every year entering the mainstream media. In contrast, Jews are the most legally protected group in America.

The most unfortunate are those second generation Chinese in America who do not know the Chinese language and are unable to benefit from China, who can only be a passive minority in America ripe for exploitation. Like that person I consulted, she is a Chinese international student, even if she doesn’t do well in America, she can still go back to China to develop her career, and everything that happened in America can basically be erased, and at the same time, she can influence public opinion in China a large market, advantages not possessed by second generation Chinese American, for which there are exceptions, like myself, assuming the reader views me as a second generation Chinese American.

Really, in the final analysis, I feel like going to America for college self-funded is a rather unwise decision, of course not saying that there aren’t exceptional cases. If you want to go, go for graduate school, get into a PhD program in STEM where you can get a very small salary/stipend, as opposed to giving money to American institutions. Honestly, lots of those who study abroad in America, especially those not in STEM, are basically on a permanent vacation there, especially if they go in middle school, if you’re not of value to them, there won’t be a job, and they only let you be there for your money, either your family has money and can support you, or you should accumulate knowledge, skills, and connection that would help you develop a career in China.

Now China is quite powerful, and should when able to have the world adapt to China, as opposed to adapt to a world centered on America in a compliant fashion. Learn appropriately some methods of the Jews, you see, Jews in America never really adapt to and tolerate others, they also try to find a way to have other adapts to themselves, if somebody else does anything against the Jewish interest, then they use their media power to label that person an anti-Semite, and that person will be screwed. To be fair, even if China goes on a massive anti-Jewish campaign, the world won’t be able to do much; not only does China have a strong and ever more powerful military, the world is also dependent on China’s markets. At the same time, China has no historical burden towards the Jews and is also not a losing country from WWII, not like Jewish. China’s doing this would only encourage many other countries to do the same, one ought to realize that social norms are dynamics, not static, and its change and evolution stems from a person or organization of sufficient leverage willing to violate some social norm at the time and let others gradually get used to it, thereby rendering it normal, acceptable behavior.


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