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Merry Christmas

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Some Russian in Russia I correspond with wrote me the following:

There were some stories going around that they banned some of the x-masy stuff in China, so it immediately reminded me of what you were saying – even if true, they have a right to do so (For some obscure reason there are no stories about, say, Indonesia, where everything Chinese and Russian was banned half a century ago.)

Xmas is not a holiday in China. But still, I saw some Xmas decoration by the elevator and we had a little Xmas party with some catered food. I actually cared enough (or more like was bored with nothing to do) to search “china christmas” on the English internet. Appeared in the results several news stories from NYT and other English MSM about how China is cracking down on Christmas. Surely, that is quite exaggerated. Like heck, we had Xmas decorations and even a little Xmas party where we even made a little dessert, like I personally put on chocolate icing and cream inside a macaroon, or something like that.

It must kind of suck to be a devout Christian in mainland China. I mean it kind of sucks to be part of a non mainstream faith just about anywhere. Well, I guess those people can do what they can to immigrate to a country where Christianity is the mainstream, where they can feel more a sense of belonging (or not). When I put “or not” in parenthesis I’m reminded of all those Asian megachurches in America.

Finally, I’m reminded that coincidentally, tomorrow, the day after Christmas, is the birthday of a Chinese “holy man,” but the Chinese have not made an actual holiday out of it.


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