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Журавли (песня)

Эта песня такая красивая эта неделя я наконец понял его слова, и потому это труднее теперь в Китае посетить Ютуб (даже через мой VPN это очень медленный), я скачал с youtube-dl некоторые музыкальные видео этой песни из Ютуб, и теперь загружаю эти файлы к Вайюн.

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Также в отношении золотой щиту интернета Китая это коллега сказал мне что он использует Яндекс иногда поискать информацию в Английском языке. Я просто могу сказать что я не ожидаю это.

Русская практика

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I wrote the following over a month ago. I was quite pleased, because it was the first time I actually spoke Russian to the point of being able to carry on a passable conversation. Of course, English words were interspersed here and there, but it wasn’t too bad. I was excited enough afterwards that I wrote this piece, which almost certainly has some errors, which I expect to pick out over time. Not to toot my own horn too much, but this is not a bad result after a little over a year of reading and Facebook pinging in it off and on, when I feel too lazy to do anything more productive. Russian learning wise, it was also awesome to meet online this guy, an undergraduate at MIT in physics Индийского присхождения, a child prodigy who taught himself Russian in high school, who also spent a summer in St. Petersburg if I remember correctly. He is obviously much better at it than I am, but I expect to catch up soon. It will only become easier and easier over time. Maybe I can even write some music with lyrics in it, eventually, who knows.

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